How to Do Dog Pee Training While Travelling

Dogs are man’s best friends. They are a delight to be with and the most loyal of the lot. But it is equally essential for them to get bathroom training should they have to travel with you. This is especially important because when you are with your dog outside, it must mingle with others. What must you do for dog pee training so that it maintains bathroom etiquette while travelling?

Tips for bathroom etiquette of your pet while outside

When you start planning for the outdoors, address this issue first. Remember, if everything goes on well, will you be able to enjoy the holidays to the brim. So, what must you do for the same? Let us find out here.

Planning well

The time between planning your travel and the day of your journey accustom your pet to pee in the proper manner. Accustom your dog to pee on rocks, grass, gravel, wood chips, and cement surface. This will ensure that irrespective of where you are treading and the terrain when you reach your destination, you will have no trouble with your pet dog, and it will not mess around the place.


When you plan your travel, you will decide upon the hotel beforehand. So, find out whether the hotel is pet-friendly. Once you reach the hotel, find out the accommodation that has been provided to your dog. Try out all the commands you have taught your pet at the new destination so far. Allow it to sniff the place and make a mark on it. Also, accustom it to follow the bathroom work as you say Go. Use the same word, Go or any other word you prefer to follow the command when you are outside the hotel.

Portable potty systems for pets

These days you will find that there are self-draining potty systems that are portable available at marketplaces. This device or product is ideal for those dog owners that live on the top floors or high rises. This product will relieve you of the pain of seeing your carpet getting stained. So, you can carry this product with you when you travel, and it will be of immense help not just to you but also to your dog. The best part is if your pet dog is accustomed to relieving itself in this product, it will not be a new thing for it when you carry it wherever you travel.

Prepare for the worst.

No matter how well you train your pet dog in bathroom etiquette, there might be instances when your dog might accidentally soil the place if it cannot control it. Under such circumstances, do not panic or punish the dog. Instead, be equipped with those things you might need in such an event. It might be a disposable plastic bag, a spare towel, toilet rolls, and so on.
Getting your dog pee training or potty training is the best thing you can do for your pet. After all, every owner loves it when its pet is appreciated for good manners and proper etiquette.

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