Do you want to know why dogs yawn? Well, dog yawning is perfectly normal. Yawning involves wide-opened jaws accompanied by big deep breaths just like humans. Nonetheless, dog yawning meaning can be varied. It is a means of communication. Hence, it can indicate that your dog is bored. Again, it can be a sign of pacification rather than submission. However, at times when you find your dog yawning a lot, you should be careful and know what to do. You should understand why is my dog yawning so much.

What does dog yawning mean?

Yawning dog means it is a natural phenomenon. It is said to cool down the brain and the rest of the body. Again, it stretches the face muscles. It is also a form of dog body language. Moreover, it is observed in both domesticated and wild canines. Yawning is a learned behavior and contagious for dogs too. It is a sign that dogs are empathetic to their fellow friends and humans alike. Hence, there’s nothing to worry about.   Some ideas about why dogs yawn comprise,

  • Moments of transition from one behavior to another cause dog yawning. These include waking up, falling asleep, going from boredom to alertness, and calming down from being anxious.
  • In a training session, for example, it can yawn and show that it requires a mental break. Your dog is frustrated, and therefore, communicating to you through yawning. You can then reduce the intensity of training or change your approach.
  • If your dog faces an aggressive dog it will yawn in response. This means that your yawning dog is disinterested in any sort of conflict. It has a peaceful intention. However, it is signaling that it is anxious and threatened.
  • Sometimes dog yawning points to the fact that it is stressed or anticipating something enjoyable like walks. If you are concerned about why does my dog keep yawning repeatedly, it can be a sign of nervousness due to waiting in the vet’s clinic. Witnessing or hearing a quarrel in the household can also make it yawn. It can also yawn due to indifference, insecurity, and excitement.
  • Why is my dog yawning so much? This can happen when you accompany your dog during the routine vet exams. It is a social sign between its pet parent and it. Repeated dog yawning also occurs when it encounters familiar dogs instead of strangers. Shelter dogs petted by handlers tend to dog yawning a lot, seeking contact with the person.

When why dogs yawn become a concern?

The best way to understand when it is serious is to look at the situation. If your dog stretches out comfortably while yawning it is nothing to get anxious about. And, when you find otherwise, take care of the following points,

  • Change in his environment can make your dog experience stress or anxiety. You should then take it to the vet, and make it more comfortable.
  • Beware of stress-provoking situations. Try to understand the reasons why your dog is anxious. You should prevent your dog from being exposed to those situations.
  • Dog yawning a lot can mean your pet is sick. If you suspect it to be seriously ill immediately rush to the vet. He will examine it thoroughly and update you about how to go about it. Thus, he can make the best recommendations for your dog.
  • Respect your dog’s choice. It may not wish to interact with another person, child, or dog. Forcing it to do so only worsens the case.
  • When you are allowing your dog to continue in the stressful situation dog yawning a lot will happen.

What can you do to avoid dog yawning a lot?

You should ensure that your dog is happy and comfortable. Instead of fussing about why does my dog keep yawning consider these simple and basic things,

  • Don’t force your dog to interact against its wishes.
  • Avoid taking your dog to crowded events or places of loud noise like fireworks.
  • Create a safe and quiet place for your dog in the home, and treat them with toys, puzzles, and their favorite food.
  • Learn about your dog’s scary stimulus. Move it from that irritable sign.
  • Create positive associations, teach about and reward it for its new behavior and manage its anxiety through professional training.

In conclusion, dog yawning isn’t something too frightening. It’s common but when your dog overdoes you should be able to help it out. Educate yourself about your pet’s communicative language. And, so, why dogs yawn shouldn’t be stressing you out now.

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