10 Good Reasons to Adopt From a Shelter Home

Is it better to adopt from a shelter or rescue? The choice between buying a dog for a pet or adopting one from a rescue home can be a tough decision. One has to consider everything that will come along with the decision. However, the rewards of adopting a dog as a pet can outweigh the fears and concerns of many people, especially after asking a question like “Why do you want to adopt?” and the response focuses more on the negatives.

Here are ten reasons to adopt from a shelter adopt for those who are not convinced:

Saving lives there is a saying that if one adopts a rescue pet, they are saving a life. Still, in reality, one is saving an extra life as the adoption frees up space for another animal to be rescued and given shelter. It is not surprising to see an animal shelter that adopts 150 dogs in one year. One immediate kennel that comes to mind is the Humane Society (SPA) shelter in Montpellier.

Unconditional love

Many people are unsure about connecting with a rescued dog, but these dogs have much love to give back and don’t stop giving to their caregivers.

Giving a second chance

By adopting a dog, one is helping the animal and giving the dog a chance to live their lives in a new home.

Health benefits of adopting a pet

A new pet dog will give the pet owner some new adventure and allows them to stay active. The Four-legged animal gives a reason to go outdoors.

Gives a new reason for shopping

If you have pets and want to spoil them, bringing in a new pet can be fun. Seeing the new dog from the rescue home living in better condition can be therapeutic.

Should pets be adopted than bought from a breeder?

Buying puppies from vet stores means profiting the traders; who breed dogs in cruel and unhygienic conditions with no veterinary care. By adopting from a local rescue home or shelter, one is giving back to the community instead of helping the cruel breeders. Also, adopting a pet is better than buying one because vet stores are more expensive.

Unwinding with a pet

When life can be stressful, unwinding with a pet dog is better than confiding with human friends. Pets do not judge, and their behavior remains the same irrespective of one’s position in professional life.

Pets help increase social interactions.

Going outdoors with a pet dog can help make new friends with other pet owners or people taking a stroll in the park.

Reasons to adopt from a shelter -Pet can be a lifelong BFF

With a rescue dog, one can get a lifelong friend and never feel lonely again. Pet dogs can be pals, confident, and beloved family members. They can be a man’s best friend.

Life is not boring with pets.

One thing is certain when having pets – life can never be boring. Adopting dogs from rescue homes can bring a new routine into a pet parent’s life.


Why should you adopt a pet speech?   It is important if you have a speech that you can use if you are trying to persuade someone to adopt a dog.

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