5 Indian Dog Breeds – An Overview

Pets provide many benefits to humans. They comfort us, and they give us companionship. About 55% of people in the world are pet owners. And among them, over 470 million people have dogs as their pets. Most of the expensive dog breeds we see today are influenced by the media, such as the Pug, German Shepherd, Dalmatian, and Saint Bernard. And even the people who own these dogs often admit that they didn’t even know about them before they appeared on television. But did you know India is home to some of the most exotic and interesting Indian dog breeds?

Let’s have a look at some of the dogs from India.


Pashmi Hound is a royal breed, and they have successfully served royal peasants as a loyal companion. Pashmi Hounds are about 68 cm tall and weigh about 25kg. They are muscular and lean, having long necks, legs, and back. Its soft silky coat or pashm gives it its name. Although throughout their history, they have been known by names such as Mudhol hound, Caravan hound, Pisuri, Lahori, and Karwani hound. Pashmi is a very intelligent, loyal, and courageous breed. It is super sensitive, too, and responds better to a soft word than to harshness.


This breed found in the Himalayan regions of India is a small barking used indoors in Buddhist monasteries. Therefore, it is loyal to its human family and suspicious of strangers. The Apsu has a long, dense double coat in various colors and shades, which needs regular maintenance. However, the coat does not shed much. They need short daily walks and early socialization.


This hardy lean hound with a very short coat is found in many pockets of our Deccan Plateau and was used here and in other games on its rocky terrain. It traditionally exists in all colors and patterns except brindle and is a favorite breed in rural Maharashtra. Males are proportionally taller and heavier. This breed is easy to maintain and is very to its immediate human members.

This sleek, easy-to-maintain breed is around 61-71 cm tall and derives its name from the trading and military caravans it comes with from the Middle East. It is not a noisy hound and has a beautiful deep chest and prominent stomach tuck-up. It is capable of great speed and stamina but looks very elegant even when passive and has no doggy body odor like many foreign breeds. 

Indian Pariah Dog: 

The most primitive and ancient breed of dog known to us that belongs to India is the Indian Pariah. A relative of Dingo, this breed has no trace of genetic tweaking or modification from the human side. Owing to this, they share an appearance with various other primitive pariah-type dogs around the world like the Basenji (Africa), Dingo (Australia), Podengo (Australia), etc.

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