6 Secrets Your Dog Groomer Wished You Knew

No matter how large or small a dog is, taking care of them is difficult. There are several factors that people need to keep in mind, especially on how to tell dog groomers what they want. Owners complain that their dog bit the groomer since they don’t know how to behave at a grooming salon. Thus, the following tips are something every dog groomer wishes that people knew. 

How to tell dog groomers what they want -6 facts grooming facts for dog owners 

1. Start grooming as early as possible

Sometimes the initial grooming process can be a little traumatic; however, puppies, fortunately, are much more adaptive. An added benefit of beginning grooming early is that their fur will perhaps not get matt. One should never let themselves believe that their puppy doesn’t require a haircut. Thus, scheduling an “introductory” visit from an early age with the groomer will make everyone happier as a result.

2. Frequent brushing 

One should visualize their dog’s fur as similar to the individual’s hair. It is known that hair gets knotty if people don’t brush it every day. Similarly, the fur on a dog is also the same way. However, people don’t have to brush it every day. But at least once every few days is necessary to make the grooming process simpler. 

3. Keeping the dog calm

Many pet owners do not know certain things like trained dog groomers, such as how groomers keep dogs still. Henceforth, groomers advise that people need to keep their composure while dropping off their pets with them. Dogs can sense people’s concern and will become frightened, which increases the likelihood that they may squirm. 

Groomers advise against checking to see if they have finished grooming a pet. As this will excite them, and the dogs may get anxious. This will lead you to ponder why the groomer won’t groom my dog.

4. Be articulate

The dog groomers work with several dogs daily, and every client wants something unique. It is important to tell dog groomers what they want to obtain and the specific requirements one has.

5. Feed before grooming

If you are thinking, “Should I feed my dog before grooming?” the answer is ‘yes.’ However, one should not feed the dogs right before the appointment; rather, they should feed dogs approximately 2 hours before. 

6. Wash the dogs

Some individuals are concerned that washing their dog’s fur too frequently would cause the skin to become drier. If they use the proper shampoo, this will not cause any problems. However, it is best to ask the groomer for help if someone is unsure which product to choose. It would be a bad idea if one forgot to tip the groomer appropriately after they groom your dogs perfectly.


Dog grooming is a fun but challenging job. Nowadays, most people do not have time to groom their dog at home and thus, prefer a professional groomer. Anyone wondering why dog groomers are so busy needs to know that it has become an extremely demanding job. 

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