8 Ways To Prepare Your Dogs For Fireworks

Dogs fireworks can be stressful for your dogs. They can disorient your pets, and make them anxious and even aggressive. In some cases, they can leave the dogs traumatized. Moreover, their breed can influence their response to noises. Nevertheless, you can prepare your pets for fireworks all round the year festivities. You can help them to stay calm during the flashes and scary sounds of the fireworks. Sometimes even veterinarians can’t detect the exact reason. Hence, it’s better to go for early intervention and treatment.

To protect and reassure the welfare of the terrified dogs you can try the following fireworks tips:

  1. Microchip your dogs with up-to-date contact details and information. Make sure to utilize a GPS-enabled device. Their collar and harness should be also secure. Ensure that they are wearing proper ID tags. If the afraid dogs run away, you can trace them. A leash comes handy to keep them close to you, especially when they get startled.
  2. Set up a safe and calming environment for your dogs in the home. You can fill it with their favorite food, water bowls, pet-friendly toys and bedding so that they feel comfortable. Keep the water bowls full since anxious dogs drink more water. Stuffed chew toys can keep them hooked for few hours. You can choose a space away from the windows, like a closet or the basement. Close the curtains and blinds to reduce outside noises and prevent the bright flashes and sparks from distracting your dogs. Remember to keep the doors and windows closed so that they can’t escape. Again, keep the gateway secured.
  3. You can switch on the TV or play on the music. It helps to cover up the loud noises of the fireworks. Again, this familiar noise from a TV program is supposed to have a calming effect on dogs. Moreover, it will assure the dog that everything is alright. You can choose a playlist from the many available on the internet for reducing their stress.
  4. To comfort your dogs stay with them if you can. You can give them gentle massages, talk to them and give them plenty of love and attention during dogs fireworks. Moreover, you can take them for long walks before the fireworks begin after the sunset.
  5. You can counter condition your pets to crackles of fireworks. Although it can be time-consuming, it is a better long-term solution. Teach them to associate these sounds with something positive instead of something to be scared of. Use pea-sized treats and start carrying them around the home, especially when fireworks start. Straightforward desensitization is a great way to make them feel less uncomfortable during stray bangs and booms. After the holidays you can formally train your pets. It requires patience and perseverance to make them get used to loud noises.
  6. Fireworks tips also include visiting the vet with your pets. Let him evaluate them and prescribe medications. They make take time to be effective. Hence, you should better start them early. There can be a link between noise sensitivities and pain in older dogs. Besides, the fear can be relatively new.
  7. Along with a complete behavior treatment plan, there are many products easily available to prepare your pets for fireworks. Anxiety wraps work great for the dogs. The fabric wraps exert gentle pressure on their bodies. These can lower heart rate and clinical signs of fear. You can even purchase pheromone diffusers or sprays to release their stress and anxiety. Do this at least a couple of weeks before the dogs fireworks You can also try making them wear thunder shirts or hoodies that cover their ears.
  8. Finally, maintain some general fireworks safety precautions. Keep them well out of the way of your pets. Dispose off the burnt and used fireworks safely and securely. In the morning check around your garden for any fallouts or shrapnel. Remove them immediately. Remain wide alert to ensure that toxic ingredients from the fireworks don’t enter your dogs’ tummy.

The above-mentioned useful fireworks tips can ease your pets’ stress. You can always customise them according to your pets. Since they are pretty simple and doable you will certainly wish to try them out today. Even if your dogs are experiencing fireworks for the first time you will be able to make them cope with them.

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