Top 10 Fastest Dog Breeds in the World

Fastest dog breeds are ideal companions for your speedy lifestyle. The fastest dog can perform athletic tricks using its flying skills. What is the fastest dog without its favorite hobby of running? Nothing! Whether chasing a ball or a frisbee and other things, most of the fastest dog breeds love to run quickly. Giant breeds are muscular, large and long-legged. Nevertheless, there are small but speedy pups. The fastest dog in the universe can be selectively bred as working dog, required for special tasks. Some are inherently fast like hunting or racing dogs. Today, however, most dogs are not used for their fastest dog speed. They are now usually kept as pets but they still retain their running skills.

How fast is a dog out of so many fastest dog breeds?

Fastest breed of dogs depend on mainly three categories- huntingsports dog and hound dogs. Toy, terrier, non-sporting and herding groups can also be fast. However, it is believed that, dogs who chase, hunt and catch run at lightning speed. Your fastestdog reflects how well you have trained it. Running is a good exercise for your dog. It burns off its excess energy and stress. Besides, it makes fastest dog on earth fit and at a healthy weight. You, too can, strengthen your bond with your fastest running dog. Hence, you should encourage your fastest dog in the world to participate in positive events like canine sports. Otherwise, it will become destructive and start chewing household items. Only after learning about all pros and cons, you should opt for an active canine for your home.

If you are still wondering what’s the fastest dog, check out the list of top 10 fastest dog breeds:

Afghan Hound:

It is one of the world’s oldest known breeds. The world’s fastest dog has graceful looks with its long human hair. This kid-friendly dog is also tall and elegant. However, it reaches an insane speed of almost 40mph. It equally loves to relax in the couch.


This fastest dog breed is also known as Russian Wolfhound. It has originally been bred as a hunting and coursing dog. A healthy and fully grown Borzoi can run as fast as 35mph. It is a sensitive dog but makes a friendly pet.


No doubt it is the fastest dog ever. Its speed can match a cheetah! It can run up to 45mph. It has been used as a racing dog. Again, it has its sight and sound streamlined. It has deep chest, meaning a large lung capacity. Also, it has a large muscular physique. However, this gentle giant also loves to lounge.


This fastest running dog reaches up to 42mph. It is a medium-sized dog, earlier bred in the Middle East for chasing rabbits. The kings sought Salukis for their agility, and hunting by sight instead of scent. This fastest dog enjoys in a large fenced-in area.


Another fastest dog breed in the world, Maygar hunting tribes of Hungary lauded them for their pace and endurance. It is a short-haired, medium-sized and lean but muscular dog. This 40mph runner is also gentle-mannered.


Another world’sfastest dog with a top speed of 34 to 40mph it is a medium-sized dog with an inverted S-lined body, and long, arched and slim features. It is also known as the fastest accelerating dog ever. Nonetheless, it has a charming personality.


Besides being pretty, in its toy, miniature or standard frame, this fastest running dog has great pace. Originally duck hunter, its speed is 30mph. It is an alert dog. Surprisingly, its lovely curls hide its athletic body. Being patient, fun-loving and gentle, it makes a great pet.

Jack Russell Terrier:

Originally bred as a working dog, it is the fastest small dog breed in the world. Its speed is 30mph. Besides, it is sturdy with protective instinct. It is equally smart and playful.


It is a great guard dog with long legs. It is also known for its trustworthy companionship. This fastest dog speed is 37 mph. It requires ample long walks and training for quieter behavior.


Another fastest dog breed in the world it is an active hunting dog. It needs adequate supervision to channelize its energy optimally. Running at 35 mph it is big in size. This comprehensive list of top 10 fastest dog breeds will definitely help you to choose your dog. Out of the many fastest dog breeds you can confidently pick the one matching your lifestyle and home.

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