A Review of Netflix Platform Movie: Super Buddies

Super Buddies is a good family film that is definitely worth the time to sit down and watch. Robert Vince’s film Super Buddies is an uplifting story about love for your family, friends, and pets, teamwork, and good triumphing over evil.

 In Super Buddies, five dogs work together to save the planet. Buddy has a unique ability that they each offer to the group’s combined strength in battle. Budderball has super strength and can pick up people and objects, and Buddha can levitate people and objects. Mudbud can become invisible and sneak attack people. On the other hand, Rosebud has the super speed of retrieving objects and attacking people. Budderball can pick up people and objects, and B-Dawg can stretch and uses it to trip or wrap up people.


The five children of Buddy, a golden retriever who plays sports, are about to set out on a new adventure in this saga installment that started with the 1997 release of Air Bud. 

The movie starring the chubbiest of the puppies, Budderball (voiced by Jeremy Shinder), starts things off. The curious dog and his siblings Rosebud, Mudbud, Buddha, and B-Dawg (voiced by G. Hannelius, Ty Panitz, Tenzing Trainor, and Cooper Roth) make unexpected discoveries under the barn floorboards while on a treasure hunt at their home on Fernfield Farm. 



The Buddies discover five mystical rings from the planet Inspiron. They each endow them with special superpowers. RoseBud gains superspeed; Buddha gains mind-control, Budderball gains superstrength, B-Dawg gains superelasticity, and MudBud gains invisibility. 

With the aid of Megasis/Captain Canine, the Buddies must work together to safely use the rings to thwart Commander Drex, a cunning extra-terrestrial warlord who wants to use them to seize complete control of Inspiron. The Buddies quickly discover that they don’t need superhuman abilities to become superheroes.


Some of the few truly family-friendly films available are found in this franchise, and something about the endearing talking dogs always makes me happy. Even my teen children enjoy them. How frequently can you claim in this day and age that everything will work out nicely in the end?

The narrative centers on 12-year-old Bartleby Livingstone (Trey Loney), who is so enamored of comic books that his grandfather (John Ratzenberger) throws a special birthday celebration with a superhero theme.

A little boy and his super-dog, Captain Canine (Colin Hanks), an extra-terrestrial concealed in a dog’s body, are the subjects of Bartleby’s favorite comic series, which was written by a local author-illustrator. To protect the peaceful alien nation from the wicked Commander Drex, who has arrived in Bartleby’s town in pursuit of the “rings of Inspiron,” Bartleby and his friends learn that the comic books are true on the day of their 12-year-old friend’s birthday.

However, the youngsters, who are all in possession of Golden Retriever puppies, are the ones who discover the rings first and put them on their pets, making them into Super Buddies.


It’s all about working together, just like in the Buddies movies. In this instance, the children discover that the comics aren’t just comics but a non-fiction chronicle of the most prized treasures of an extra-terrestrial race—the very rings that transform the puppies into superheroes. Naturally, the Buddies come to the rescue by becoming Super Buddies!

Parents may relax knowing that “Super Buddies” will be a terrific method to keep youngsters occupied because it contains the customary sassy catchphrases and slapstick comedy guaranteed to keep kids smiling.

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