Explore the Top 5 Houseplants to Buy In Winter

Houseplants can change the way your house looks. It can make it look brighter and warmer. One of the common problems in the case of houseplants is overwatering. This is true especially during the colder months when plants need less water. Apart from water, fertilizers that you use must be less as well. So, as a rule of thumb, reduce the amount of water you give to the plants by half in comparison to what you do in winter.

Top 5 plants for winter and how to care for them

In case a plant has been overwatered, you will be able to find out by smelling the soil. If you find that the soil is smelling, shift the plant from that pot, remove the wet soil and roots if they are rotting, and re-pot it.

Place the plants in that part of the room that is well lit. It is best to keep them in such a place where they will receive maximum sunlight but never too close to any window or doorway.
The following are the top 5 houseplants for winter that you can choose.

1. Aloe Vera
This is a plant that is very common in a very household. It is an excellent remedy for burning and itching. These plants require bright light and coarse soil that is drained well. Place them in the proper amount of light and you will find them blooming in the colder months.

2. Moth Orchid
They grow well in filtered water and average soil moisture. They usually bloom for prolonged periods throughout the year before they are seen in full bloom.

3. Spider Plant
These plants thrive well in moderate light and slightly damp soil. So, even if you water the plants every week that should suffice. During winter, make sure you space out the frequency of watering which will allow it to bloom better and will improve longevity.

4. Corn plant
Taking care of the corn plant is easy and hassle-free. Avoid keeping it close to sunlight and drafts. Exposing the plant to excessive sunlight can result in scorching of the leaves. The moment you see that the leaves become yellow and droopy, it is a sign that you are overwatering the plant. Most importantly, the pot in which the plant is grown must have a hole for drainage.

5. Cactus
Cactus is a plant that can store water for a long. It can also store nutrients and rarely requires watering. So, overwatering is not a risk here because it will receive less water already if you follow the rule of thumb. But exposure to the right amount of light is an aspect to be considered. Cacti love bright sunlight and appear excellent in clusters and when placed under a window.

Many other plants thrive well in winter or around the year houseplants. Not every houseplant will require the same amount of sunlight, water, nutrients, and above all care. It is essential to know at least the basics about the plant that you decide to place in your house.

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