Home Plant Care and How to Make Your Home Plant Loving

Indoor plants have always changed not just the house’s décor but also radiated warmth, coziness, and a serene and made the home more habitable. But you must be aware of the right technique to do so, to take care of them as you would do with your child or pet.

The fragrance is another aspect that we cannot leave out. And if you are fond of plants, they give you a reason to live and get up every day just as your kids, partner, and loved ones give you. So, follow these home plant care tricks and tips for the same.

Home plant care and make your home plant-friendly.

Your home is where you return for respite, to relax and rejuvenate. There are various ways by which you can do so. Go through the paragraphs that follow here. We will cover the write-up under the following sub-heads-

How to make your home plant-loving

Create one keeping plants at home offers several benefits. So, it is good to create one. So, how will you go about it?

Use the wall of the bathroom.

Irrespective of whether your bathroom is wide, narrow, big, or small, you will always have space to keep at least two plants in there. You can use suction ports on the walls, and the corners of the bathroom are equally good for keeping the plants. Alternatively, the tabletop will also serve as an ideal space for keeping plants.

Since the place is always humid, tropical growing plants will thrive well. Plants that you can use here include-

  • Bamboo
  • Peace Lily
  • Chinese Evergreen
  • Philodendrons

Be creative and smart

The space in between the ceiling and the floor adorns well with the hanging plants. You can use hangers, carts, and benches. If you have a well-maintained and well-cared plant or greenery within your home in all the appropriate places, it can catch the attention of your visitors as they will understand that it is a greener home. It also adds to the aesthetic essence of the décor of your house. Use plants of different sizes, shapes, and colors.

Corner of the rooms

Shelves are ideal for the corners of the plants’ rooms and what you want to decorate the shelves with. Arrange the plants well. You need time, devotion, and effort, and you will find the results promptly. It offers a massive boost to the home décor.

Add one big statement -The living room is the ideal place.

You can keep one big leaved plant in the living room. But as mentioned earlier, home plant care is essential at every step. What are the best plants to make a statement if you intend to keep one big leaved plant? These are the options-

Swiss cheese plant

  • Alocasia
  • Banana tree
  • Pancake plans
  • Ficus Lyrata
  • Bird of Paradise

How to care for a plant?

If you want to see your plants thrive well and bloom, you must provide the best houseplant care you can afford. There are a few things that you must keep in mind during plant care. These are as follows-

Watering the plant

Water is the most important component in plant care. When you water your plant, use consistent, clean water. If you have a touch of iron in the house garden, it is best to use an RO water system. The reverse osmosis system works well; this RO water can dissolve substances like the following through the RO membrane.

  1. Arsenic
  2. Fluoride
  3. Sediment
  4. Chlorine
  5. Arsenic
  6. Herbicides
  7. Pesticides

The next important thing after water is fertilizer.


You can use homemade or synthetic fertilizers. Make sure you are aware of the N-P-K ratio for every plant. The ratio will not be the same for all plants. And when you are using synthetic fertilizer, make sure you use half of what you prepare. The chemical fertilizers are intense; if in excess, they might damage the roots and other parts of the plant. Fertilizers are mainly needed for fulfilling the nutrients required by the plants for preparing food.

You can always seek professional advice if you are not sure about nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and Magnesium (K) proportions. Interestingly, nitrogen is the main nutrient for plant care.

If you use homemade fertilizers for home plant care like eggshells, banana peels, tea, and others, make sure they can still be used. This is because, being waste products, they often attract fungus and bacteria. So, these homemade substances can cause more harm than good instead of doing good to the plant. So, watch what you are administering to the plants.

Use the right kind and amount of light

Not all plants thrive well in direct sunlight. While few plants prefer moderate light, many prefer to stay in indirect light without excessive light exposure. Fluorescent lights can help the plants to thrive. However, they are not perfect for mature and healthy plants.

As such, if you are investing in expensive or affordable plants, you must also invest in good quality light. Quality light means LED lights. These are bright lights and adequate for all the plant species, as they help in photosynthesis and help you by saving a lot of money.

In a nutshell, plants add greenery to your house, aesthetic beauty to your abode, clean and purify the air, and, last but not least, helps uplift your mood. And during these troubled times, it is important to maintain sanity, and a lot of it is gained from these green plants in your house as it makes the ambiance calm and serene. Most importantly, if you want to master home plant care, you must also know more about the individual plants.

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