Meesho Online Shopping App Ensures the Best Shopping Experience, Especially For New Internet Users from Rural India

Meesho online shopping app has been a phenomenon in India over the past two years. The online platform for resellers founded in 2015 by Vidit Atrey and Sanjiv Barnwal transformed into a full-fledged e-commerce platform. The social media app and e-commerce marketplace achieved a milestone during the sale event of June 5 by recording 5.35 million orders in a day. It was an upheaval in the Indian e-commerce space because most orders came from beyond the Tier II towns and cities. Another interesting aspect of Meesho shopping online is that almost 50% of transactions involve first-time internet users. Moreover, 20% of this group were first-time online shoppers learning how to online shopping in Meesho.  Reaching out to customers across new geographies in remote Indian towns and cities helped the company book a million daily orders. Meesho app is an illustration of how AI might be used to give women in poor nations more options for education and work in the formal economy. Meesho haul online shopping is the biggest and most well-known.

Meesho online shopping – the landmark one-day sale

Meesho’s strategy of penetrating deep inside the Indian market is paying rich dividends for the company, as evident from the landmark sale event. The platform attracted 100,000 sellers from Tier2 and Tier3 cities and towns during the one-day sale, of which 75% were from the interior regions like Solapur, Haldwani, Tirunelveli, and Bhatinda, among others. The event was a grand success for the sellers, too, as they experienced a massive 217% increase in orders compared to any normal business day. The company studied the distinct buying pattern and choices of shoppers from non-metro cities and catered to them accordingly. Meesho online shopping all products belong to such categories that are in demand in rural India. 

Unique strategy 

Creating the best user experience, especially for first-time internet users by giving discounts, is the USP of Meesho’s success. The company targets new internet users to bring them under its fold and quickly increase order volumes. Today, 70-80 million internet users in India shop on e-commerce and other online platforms, which is more than 10% of 600 million internet users in India. 

The company puts extra emphasis on nurturing customers who are first-time internet users to ensure that they have the best experience during Meesho shopping online. Based on its research, the company provides the proper product categories to users with higher chances of buying, statistics show that most search for Meesho online shopping kurtis. Next, the company solved the pricing issues to ensure that the products were affordable. Introducing the 0% commission model for sellers effectively brought down prices. Customers came rushing to avail the best price coupled with the comfort of online shopping.

Creating the widest outreach

The Meesho app has made it easier for the company to explore the untapped markets beyond the Tier2 and Tier 3 cities and towns. As smartphone users are present in every corner of India, the app helped the company reach out to customers in the farthest corners of the vast country. It helped the company expand the customer base speedily by attracting new customers. 

Pet accessories on Meesho

Meesho has become a favorite marketplace for pet lovers and owners who can conveniently buy pet products online at affordable prices. Meesho offers pet care products online under the category of animal accessories, along with all types of shopping for dresses for pet parents as well. Besides offering the lowest price, free delivery is an added attraction for customers who find the platform friendlier and more useful than Flipkart, eBay, Amazon, and snapdeal.

 The high attraction of Meesho online shopping is evident from the Meesho appwith 100 million downloads is the most downloaded app covering all categories.

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