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Nature Hills is the largest American Nursery that started in 2001 as a local shop selling coniferous trees and later grew into a massive online business. The Nursery, currently located in Omaha in Nebraska, was founded by two brothers and now offers thousands of plant varieties. Soon after forming the company, the founders realized that the demand for trees was huge, and customers preferred wide-ranging varieties. The founders decided to take the business online to cater to the largest section of tree-lovers by offering a wide variety of trees. The step also helped to grow the business faster, and it took only two decades for the company to become the largest Nursery in the United States of America. The growing online business network now covers the entire country. 

The company delivers an amazing assortment of fast-growing trees of all sizes and colors and arranges quick shipping to reach the customers’ doorsteps. High quality, safe shipping, and timely delivery helped the company enjoy high customer trust and expand the customer base to speed up business growth.

 What is the concept of Nursery Direct?

The company does not just sell trees but ensures that their love and care for trees remains infused within the business process. Directly serving the customers allows the company to develop long-term relationships and empathize with them in all tree-related matters. The ‘Nursery Direct’ model captures the company’s intention to serve customers directly without involving third parties. Shipments reach customers directly to ensure they receive the right quality of products. 

How does Nature Hills develop a personal relationship with customers?

Nature Hills is a nursery that believes in manifesting its love for trees by providing customers with adequate after-sales support. Even after supplying trees, the company interacts with customers constantly to ensure that the trees take root and grow properly. The company assists and guides customers in setting up their gardens successfully. 

How do customers become long-time companions of the company?

Trees are different from most of the products sold online because these are living organisms that require special care to ensure their proper growth. The company not only benefits from direct customer interactions to increase sales, but they help customers nurture the trees in the right way for satisfactory growth. The ‘Smart Plant & Tree Care’ is a special service the company offers its customers to ensure proper tree care by providing suitable solutions. The company’s goal is to help customers keep their trees evergreen. The ‘Smart Plant & Tree Care’ module is a kind of app that allows customers to load their plants into a digital ga den. The arrangement allows the tree experts of the company to provide instructions about tree care on the phone every week. 

What is Plant Sentry?

To fulfill the company’s vision of providing its customers with the best quality of trees, the company pays close attention to supplying healthy trees. Every tree reaching the customer bears the stamp of ‘Plant Sentry,’ a company trademark. It ensures that each plant supplied enjoys complete protection from diseases and invasive p sts. Thus, the company takes all measures to ensure that customers receive only healthy plants and trees that reach their doorsteps safely.

Each tree shipped has the delicate touches, love, and care of the company’s professionals

Since plants and trees are living organisms, it is natural for most humans to develop a close relationship with them. Especially those who love nature love plants and trees by def ult. Unless you love trees, you cannot hope to create a beautiful garden at home. Similarly, the professionals in charge of Nature Hills who run the business are hardcore tree lo ers. They enjoy a lively relationship with the products they deal in. Every tree shipped by Nature Hills has the invisible loving touches of the people behind it. 

Peonies are a favorite of the Company CEO Jeff, and the President of the company, Rowney, considers Golden Fall- Weeping Buds his favorite p ant. The Chief Technical Officer Vince’s favorite is the Pinon Pine, while the Dwarf Korean Lilac tree is Bryan and Kyle’s favorite. The Merchandising and Content Manager Whit considers the Twilt-a-Swirl Hydrangea the most favorite plant. Colt, the Customer Service Manager, is mad at the Blue Chinese Wisteria tree.  

Does the company run an affiliate program?

The company has an affiliate program in place to support its objectives of fast growth. Nursery Affiliate program gives monetizing opportunities to bloggers and social media enthusiasts. They can promote the Nature Hills products on their online pages and earn a commission whenever any lead triggered from their pages converts into a sale. The affiliate members receive marketing support from Nature Hills, which provides the most relevant and latest deals, promos, and other creative assets. Moreover, the company helps in content optimization that helps to increase the affiliates’ earnings.

 What are the benefits of the Affiliate program?

Each sale generated from affiliate leads helps members earn a 12% commission. Besides receiving continued support from the company that provides creative materials to aid marketing, members even enjoy a cookie duration of 30 days. Members receive the affiliate newsletter informing them about the company’s latest developments. Dedicated management teams look after the members and help bolster their marketing initiatives. Above all, the company offers performance incentives to affiliate members.

What are Nature Hills E-Gift certificates?

Nature Hills gives a unique opportunity to nature lovers to gift their loved items to their favorite ones or someone who appreciate it. Anyone can order Nature Hills E-Gift certificates online for different denominations like $25, $50, $100, and $ 250. Recipients can redeem the gift certificates on the Nature Hills website or by calling (402) 934-8116 and obtain some gifts for their garden. The gift certificates reach the recipients directly as instructed by the sender and do not entail shipping or handling charges. Each certificate is valid for one year from the date of purchase. Gift certificates are redeemable for some products only and not for cash. 

What is Nature Hills wholesale?

Besides catering to retail customers, Nature Hills offer its products wholesale too. Landscaping companies can buy trees, plants, and other horticultural products from the company at wholesale rates. However, the wholesale business is not a regular business for the company.

 What kinds of trees are available at Nature Hills?

Nature Hills offers a wide selection of shade trees (container-grown), fruit trees, native hardwood trees, evergreen trees, ornamental trees, holly shrubs, hardy shrub roses, small fruits, and other evergreen trees. All product details are available on the Nature Hills website.

What kind of Guarantee does Nature Hills offer?

Nature hills guarantee the safe delivery of healthy plants. 

Safe delivery –

The Company guarantees to deliver the finest quality most safely so that customers receive healthy products. If a damaged product reaches the customer, the customer service of Nature Hills Nursery raises a claim on the carrier. Once the carrier accepts the claim, Nature Hills arranges to re-ship the product to the concerned customer. To ensure a smooth claim process, customers must retain the package seven days after receipt if the carrier wants to inspect it. A claim is only valid if made within 24 hours of receipt of the consignment.

If the item is out of stock at the time of replacement, then Nature Hills will offer a substitute. Depending on the area, the customer might have to wait for the following shipping season.

Healthy plants –

Plants can die anytime, and no one can assure 100% survival. Despite taking sufficient care when planting new plants as per guidance provided on the Nature Hills site, the company compensates for the loss if any customer suffers a loss due to plant death within the first year. The company would replace the plant, but the customer must pay 50% of the current selling price and the shipping charges. The replacement is a one-time event.

The Guarantee is valid only if customers follow the guidelines on the Nature Hills website for planting the species and the environment and soil conditions are favorable for sustenance. The Guarantee is null and void if the soil condition is poor, has high mineral content, or has other adversities. The company may ask for a soil sample if required. 

All warranty and Guarantees are valid for one year from the date of delivery of the plants.

How does Nature Hills help customers ensure the survival of the plants and trees?

Nature Hills is aware of its responsibility to ensure the proper survival of the plants and trees supplied. Besides providing good quality plants and safe delivery, the company supports customers through various means. Detailed guidelines about planting trees and taking proper care are available on the website. Moreover, the company website offers gardening tips like ‘Tim’s Gardening Tips’ when customers sign up for a free newsletter. 

Nature Hills accompanies customers in their journey to create healthy gardens and flourishing landscapes with the commitment to help the plants and trees survive and grow. The relationship between Nature Hills and its customers goes much beyond business.

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