Pet-friendly Companies Gaining Steam to Bring Workers Back to Work

As more and more employees return to physical offices, the need and desire to take their pets along have increased. In keeping up with the employee concern and desires, many dog companies hiring remote workers have allowed pets to accompany the professionals at their workplace. As such, the dog companies hiring recruits agree to let pets come into office premises along with their owners.

It has come to light that although there were pet-friendly offices even before the pandemic, the pandemic record shows that as many as 23 million Americans have adopted pets.

A survey conducted in March 2021 by Banfield Pet Hospital and OnePoll implied that half of the executives for whom the policy was already in place showed a 42% increase in productivity. Let us find out the names of the USA’s top pet companies in the following paragraphs.

Best dog companies to work for – Know the brands

Check out the names of the animal-friendly companies that will allow you to take your pet along. The statistics mentioned here are as of October 2021.

Advent Software

  • Headquarters – San Francisco, California
  • Number of employees –1,141
  • The company offers discounted pet insurance, dog-related events, and holistic pet classes for workers.


  • Headquarters – New York
  • Number of employees – 234
  • All the three offices of Bitly in Denver, New York, and San Francisco are dog friendly with accompanying perks.


  • Headquarters – Brooklyn, NY
  • Number of employees – 1400
  • Since its inception in 2005, it has been a dog-friendly office


  • Headquarters -Mountain View, CA
  • Number of employees – 20,000 plus
  • One of the biggest pet companies,Google, has a dog park called The DooglePlex, and there is a dedicated group you can join, and it is known as Dooglers.


  • Headquarters- San Francisco, CA
  • Number of employees – 56,600
  • The company offers employees a dedicated dog-friendly space, dog beds, and dog treats.


  • Headquarters – San Francisco, CA
  • Number of employees – 26,900
  • The company offers treats for employee dogs, dog beds, and treats.


  • Headquarters –Boise ID
  • Number of employees – 210
  • The company has a dog-loving CEO, Don Kemper. He always has Tuba with him, who is a Bulldog mix giving him company in his office.

Humane Society of the United States

  • Headquarters –Washington DC
  • Number of employees – 600
  • HSUS offers low-cost pet insurance, pet play yard, pet sitting, discounts, on-site dog training, and other related pet services.

However, it is also important to remember that many employees might be allergic to pets. Under such circumstances, you can always request the pet parent to keep it at a place dedicated only to the pets instead of letting it roam nearby.

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