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Mr. Goutam Guha founded PGPET in 2009 as a pet product importer, wholesaler, and manufacturer. Since then, it has grown tremendously. PGPET now supplies over 1000 pet stores and has over 3 lakh happy customers throughout India. They have got over 2000 products available under ten registered brands. PGPET has retail chains throughout Kolkata well-known for providing the best quality products and services to pet owners. Their website gets over 35 Lakh visitors per month.


The PGPET team consists of over 40 highly committed employees. The company also is well known for its social efforts. Since its inception, they have regularly assisted NGOs in Delhi and Kolkata by carrying out deworming and Vaccination camps for stray animals. 


Today PGPET is striving to become India’s largest pet retail chain by prioritizing customer satisfaction. Its goal is to become INR 500 million by 2022 by offering customers a wide range of high-quality products and a great experience, thus exponentially staying ahead of the competition.



PGPET stores are always stocked with various essential items for dogs, cats, small animals, and birds. Based on the unique needs of pets in India, its premium range comprises imported goods from the United States, United Kingdom, and Europe.



 It wants to be the one-stop shop for everything you could want for your pets.



Who is the Founder of PGPET?



PGPET was founded in 2009 when few companies offered a wide range of pet products. Goutam Guha, a Cost Accountant, intended to help unemployed people by providing them with work, and he had never envisaged himself investing in a pet store before. Nonetheless, he desired to serve society and founded PGPET in April 2009 as a social venture.

PGPET is now a well-known brand in eastern India, catering to products in India and abroad.


 Success Journey of PGPET


Their development journey did not happen overnight but took several years of struggle and adversity to achieve the current state. Goutam Guha had to sustain the basic expenses and perform most of the work himself because he began the venture with only a small amount of money. He had many responsibilities at the office because he was a working professional in a senior position, and he was only able to handle the business after finishing his office work. In the first three months, the turnover was nil, and he had to pay for logistics and staff salaries, so he lost money. But despite the difficulties, they eventually developed their brand image in the market with sincerity and hard work.



In an Interview, Mr. Goutam Guha explained that he chose to invest in the pet industry since he wished to do something for society that was out of the ordinary. He aimed to provide pet owners access to products that could improve their pet’s quality of life.


PGPET has grown from a regional to a national player in this Industry and expanded from offline to online stores under the domain name Petindiaonline.com. PGPET’s vision is to become the fastest-growing retail chain in Eastern India by providing franchise opportunities under the brand name PGPET.



What are the PGPET Franchisee Advantages?



  • Franchisee owners get the right to use a brand name that is highly recognized in the market.
  • They received PGPET website support(www.pgpetindia.com)
  • Receive guidance regarding location selection.
  • Store employees receive training from PGPET.
  • Store Owner receives comprehensive franchisee training program.
  • Receive goods at wholesale rates with a 90-day exchange policy.
  • Store infrastructure and design support. 
  • Media coverage on the store launch date.
  • Access goods manufactured by PGPET themselves, including registered brands like Petex, Booze, Cat Mud, etc.


The PGPET Franchise Model




PGPET Products & Services




What’s the Pet Care Landscape in India like?



While the Indian pet care industry is still in its infancy, it has seen steady growth in recent years. People’s greater understanding of their pets, as well as advancements and adoption of veterinary care, are key factors driving this growth. With economic progress and the resultant growth in people’s income, many people can now afford to purchase/adopt and care for pets, Thus many people of varied demographics are opting to bring home a furry friend for a variety of reasons like companionship, security, and to improve their mental/physical health. With increasing awareness of pet keeping and a growing number of services such as breeders, pet spas, boarding, trainers etc throughout the country, owning a pet is only getting easier, thus promoting pet ownership.


Consequently, the demand for a variety of pet products is growing by the day. The Indian pet care market was worth 2,200 crores (US$ 320 million) in 2017 and is expected to grow to 4,500 crores (US$ 630 million) by 2023.


India is home to around 25 million pets, most of which are dogs, followed by cats and other small animals like birds and fish.


The value of packaged foods consumed by them is INR 25,000 million per year and is growing by 14% per annum.


The Indian Pet Care market is expected to grow with a Compound Annual Growth of more than 20% in the period 2020-21 making India one of the fastest-growing pet care markets in the world.


What is the Effect of the Pandemic on the Pet Market in India?


Because of the pandemic, pet adoption and care have become a thriving industry. Pets are being adopted as companions by more folks than ever before. People now have more time to devote to caring for a pet many are working from home. Pet adoption has skyrocketed, with many shelters nearing capacity. According to statistics, adoptions have gone up by up to 700% in certain cities! Pet ownership has also increased the sales of pet goods and services such as food, toys, healthcare etc. Owing to this rise in the number of pet owners, these businesses are flourishing.


The sale of pet products went up by almost 30 per cent during the Lockdown, indicating a surge in pet adoption.


The most important reason for this surge in interest is that we are all spending a lot of time at home instead of being stuck in the office all day. As a result, many people now have plenty of time to research and learn about different pets, their unique characteristics, and complexities. They are now also more confident about owning a pet since many people have permanently started working remotely from their homes which allows them plenty of time to raise and give attention to their new family member, also to aid them, pet stores were open during the lockdown since pet food is categorised as an essential item.


Thus, overall, the pandemic has had a positive impact on the pet industry.


Bottom Line


Pet care is a very profitable industry in the present era. More and more people are interested in acquiring a pet both in India and abroad India offers a huge potential for key players in the pet care market and expands their reach.


Owing to the increase in disposable incomes, growing awareness of veterinary healthcare etc. among the Indian populace and lower costs of pet products due to better technology, pet adoption in India is exceedingly high, and it will increase by more than 20% over previous years. In comparison to many other industries, this growth rate appears to be quite promising and worthy of being a part of.

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