Reasons you will love to know why my cat sleeps on me

You have finally completed the work at the dishwasher and done the tables, and after having freshened up, it’s time to retire to bed and give your soul and feet some rest. So, as you climb into your cozy bed, you have a partner slowly creeping up behind you. It is none other than your family cat. Although your pet cat has the entire house at its disposal, you still wonder why does my cat sleep on me? This article will deal with just that. So, let us quickly delve into this interesting topic and find out why they behave in this way.

Why does my cat sleep on me – Find out the causes

First and foremost, it is important to realize that feline sleep patterns are different from ours. The first main difference between cat sleep and human sleep is that cats sleep several times throughout the day compared to once a day that humans sleep. But these naps throughout the day that cats enjoy are always in light sleep mode, and hardly they fall into a deep sleep. It ultimately boils down to the natural hunter role that a cat usually plays.

And why do cats sleep so much? Unlike human beings that are not vulnerable to prey or risks and need to defend themselves always, cats always look for prey or must defend themselves from larger predators. Even if they appear to be calm and at peace, their sense of smell and hearing are strong enough to promptly spring into action whenever the need arises.

Since these feline creatures must be ready for action always, it makes sense that they stay safe beside you and curl up in your warmth. So, if you have been wondering why does my cat sleeps pressed up against me? This is one of the main reasons.

Aside from the above reason, many others are interesting as well. Let us look at them. Get the main answers to why does my cat sleep next to me? Check out these reasons.

They look for warmth. 


Whenever cats are preparing for warmth, they look for a cozy place. As such, they tread to the place they consider the safest, which gives them warmth. And if you happen to be its favorite, you will invariably find the feline companion by your side.

Interestingly, when you are not around, and cats take naps many times a day, you will find them cozying up on a couch that is placed close to a radiator or digging into a pile of laundry in your house or any room.

The normal body temperature of a cat is 102 degrees Fahrenheit, as per PetMD. So, if you ever wonder why my cat sleeps on me, remember that it is getting the required temperature that keeps him warm and maintains the same. For cats, warmth is even more essential than comfort.

They mark their territory. 

According to PetMD, cats are territorial creatures, and they define their territory by drawing a mark with their scent. So, when cats are sleeping pressed against you, they mark their territory, that is, the bed and you, as their own.

Cats prefer to stay secure.

While a cat is in the jungle or out in the wild, it looks for those spaces that are the best and most secure. And when it is with you, the safest place is your arms or in one corner of your house where it is a cozy corner with adequate warmth.

According to Dr. Zay Satchu, the chief veterinary officer at Bond Vet in New York City, although cats are placed at the top of the food chain, they must be on the lookout for any danger that threatens their safety. So, it stays around its known people assuming and believing that this is the safest of all places. This is one reason that can answer your query about why my cat sleeps on me. Cats grow up curling around one another and on top of their mom, which happens until they are 12 weeks old. And this behavior translates into the behavior of a lifetime. So, after their mother, you are the safest.

Cats prefer bonding with us.

Mikel Delgado, a cat behavior consultant, reveals that it is not unusual for the cats to “pillow” while they are asleep. It means if they are together, they love to treat each other as their pillows. If only one cat is around, they use you as their pillow.

This is also one way to bond with you. Also, it nullifies the idea that cats are not friendly and unsocial. As such, you know the best whether they are unsocial or unfriendly.

It may be due to hormonal issues.

Studies have shown that dogs release the hormone oxytocin when around their owners. VetStreet says that the same may hold for the cats, but it cannot be fully established.


Why do cats sleep with their back toward you? 

As we have seen above, cats are cautious when they must defend themselves if they sense trouble. So that they can check out their immediate environment, they prefer to sleep with their back to you.

Remember, there is no harm if you keep wondering why my cat sleeps on me. But if you notice that they are sleeping more than usual, it is time to take it to your veterinary. It is quite likely that there is some kind of discomfort in its body that needs to be identified and treated accordingly.

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