The Chow Chow Lion Type Haircut That Sets This Canine Apart

The chowchow is a popular canine worldwide known for its loving behavior. The chow chow temperament is compelling, unique, and aloof, making the dog wary of strangers. However, their independent demeanor sets them apart. They are known more for their incredible chow chow lion-type hairstyle.

The most noticeable trait of the chow chow is its luxurious coat. They come in various colors: cream, black, red, blue, and cinnamon. No wonder most discussion is about grooming the hair.

Here we will look at some chow chow grooming styles that involve cleaning them and giving them popular hairstyle cuts such as the lion, teddy bear, and puppy.

The chow chow lion-type hairstyle cut.

The lion cut is a popular haircut style that looks as it sounds. This unique haircut requires a professional as they require a steady hand and skills. The fur on the body is slipped shorter and kept longer on the head, face, and feet, giving the doga lion’s look.

The lion cut is cute but requires extra grooming, especially on the face area, to prevent the long hairs from becoming tangly. It is important to apply sunscreen to protect the skin where the hair is cut short.

The Puppy Cut

The puppy cut on a chow chow is again best left to a professional as it requires the fur to be left an inch or two long. This length is kept the same all over the body as it is important to keep the dog comfortable during warm weather.

The Teddy Bear Cut

The teddy bear cut for a chow chow is perfect as they seem to fit well to the adorable face. The cut is self-explanatory as it cuts the hair in a rounded fashion around the face, trimmed ears to show the points and an optional mane. The black chow chow is cuddly, sweet, and grows up pretty fast, but they remain the kid’s favorite teddy.

The chow chow coat is extremely thick and sheds heavily. Whichever way you groom your chow chow, it will look fantastic thanks to its cute personality. Once you get the right style cut that fits the dog, it becomes easier to groom regularly. One should look for signs the dog is giving out in case the chow chow lion type cut is causing them stress. Then it’s time to take a different grooming style or haircut.

Chow Chow – Facts

The chow chow origin has been historically kept as a guard and hunting dog. The chow chow lifespan is average, 10-15 years. So, if you plan to adopt a chow chow as a pet and see a chow chow for sale, just go for this independent but loyal utility breed.


The chow chow lion type cut is more suitable for the rough coat. Their coat is thick, coarse, and medium length, making it easier to style accordingly.

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