The Devils Flower Mantis or Idolomantis diabolica

A creature from a nightmare or something out of a horror movie? No, it’s the Devil’s Flower Mantis or Idolomantis diabolica. This interesting insect is one of the fascinating creatures in the world. From its unique coloring and size to its predatory behavior and camouflage skills, the Devils Flower Mantis is an amazing species that is both captivating and intimidating. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at this incredible mantis and explore what makes it special.

What is the Devils Flower Mantis?

The Devils Flower Mantis or Idolomantis diabolica is a large and colorful species of praying mantis. They are found in Africa and measure up to 9 cm in length. The Devils Flower Mantis gets its name from its striking resemblance to a flower, which it uses to lure prey. These beautiful predators are not to be underestimated, as they are equipped with powerful front legs that they use to snatch their victims.

What does the Devils Flower Mantis look like?

The Devils Flower Mantis is a large, beautiful insect that is well camouflaged to look like a flower. It has a light brown body with black and white stripes running down its back. The mantis has long, thin legs that end in sharp claws. Its head is small and round, with large eyes that help it see its prey.

Where does the Devils Flower Mantis live?

The Devils Flower Mantis is found in tropical Africa, specifically in the countries of Angola, Cameroon, the Congo, Gabon, Kenya, and Tanzania. It is a rainforest species that can be found in both primary and secondary forests. The mantis prefers to perch on leaves near the ground or in low vegetation.

What does the Devils Flower Mantis eat?

The Devils Flower Mantis is an ambush predator, meaning it waits for its prey before attacking. Its diet consists mostly of insects and other small invertebrates, but it has been known to eat smaller reptiles and amphibians on occasion.

To capture its prey, the mantis will lie in wait with its legs folded beneath its body and its arms extended out to the sides. When an unsuspecting insect wanders by, the mantis will strike with lightning speed, grabbing the hapless victim with its powerful forelegs. It then uses its razor-sharp mandibles to tear its prey apart before devouring it.

While the Devils Flower Mantis is a fierce predator, it is also an opportunistic feeder. If given a chance, this voracious little creature will happily feast on anything that can fit into its mouth!

How does the Devils Flower Mantis reproduce?

The Devils Flower Mantis or Idolomantis diabolica is an insect in the family Mantidae. It is a praying mantis found in Africa and parts of Asia. The adult female will lay her eggs in a foam nest which she will then protect. The nymphs will hatch from the eggs and will look like small versions of the adults, and they will go through several molts before they reach maturity. The adults-only live for about 6-8 months, but the nymphs can live up to 2 years.

When it comes time to reproduce, the male and female will engage in a mating dance. The male will sing to the female and present her with a gift, usually an insect. If she accepts his gift, they will mate. After they mate, the female will lay her eggs, and both parents will die.

Are Devils Flower Mantises dangerous to humans?

Mantises are not naturally aggressive toward humans and will usually only attack if they feel threatened. However, the Devils Flower Mantis is an exception to this rule. These mantises are known to be highly aggressive and have been known to attack humans without provocation.

While they are not known to eat humans, their large size and powerful mandibles make them capable of inflicting serious injury. A Devils Flower Mantis reportedly killed one woman in Thailand after it leaped onto her face and bit her nose off.

If you encounter a Devils Flower Mantis, it is best to avoid them altogether. If you must approach one, do so with caution and be sure to keep your hands and fingers away from its reach.


The Devils Flower Mantis is a unique and remarkable species of insect. Its intricate patterns and bright colors make it a beautiful addition to any garden or terrarium. It’s fascinating behavior adds an educational aspect, making it even more special. Despite its intimidating name, the Devils Flower Mantis is quite gentle and peaceful, providing hours of entertainment for onlookers; if you are looking for a pet that will bring beauty and education into your home, look no further than the incredible Idolomantis diabolica!

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