The Komondor Dog- The Mop Dog

The Komondor dog is affectionate, self-minded, and intelligent. However, this dog breed is cautious about strangers. This is also the dog that looks like a mop. Let us learn more about this dog breed in the following paragraphs.

Komondor dog – lifespan, temperament, weight, dog price

Remember that not everyone will be able to stay with this dog breed. As such, it is not recommended for first-time pet owners. For them, it is best to bring home a dog breed that is easy to handle, needs less attention, and can be managed or handled easily.

The dog that looks like a mop

The singular name is Komondor dog, but the plural form is Komondorok. It is not often seen at parks but is a popular dog breed. If you are looking for a watchdog, this is an ideal one.

The origin of the dog in Hungary. This dog has many nicknames, especially since it is difficult to pronounce. The dog’s nicknames include Hungarian Commonmop, Mop Dog, and Sheepdog.

The dogs are gentle and affectionate; if you give them the task of watching something, they will do the job well and keep an eye on it until you want to. Known as family pooches, they were initially brought up and trained as flock-guarding dogs.

Komondor lifespan

Unless health ailments like CHD, canine hip dysplasia, and gastric torsion, the average Komondor lifespan is 10 to 12 years. Other health issues that prove to be paralyzing for this breed include entropion, otitis externa, and hot spots.

Komondor temperament

The temperament of this dog is steady, independent, affectionate, calm, gentle, and fearless.

Komondor weight

It is almost a giant breed, and the weight is 60 pounds to 100 pounds or sometimes more. As far as height is concerned, it is 25.5 to 27.5 inches if you measure from the shoulder.

What is a Puli dog?

The Puli dog is a Hungarian herding breed and is a small, medium-sized dog that guards livestock. It is known for its long corded coat. The appearance of tight curls resembles dreadlocks. And a similar breed with a larger size, also Hungarian, is the Komondor.

Komondor vs. Puli – How do they differ

  1. There are a few aspects in which these two types of dogs differ. The Komondor has a white coat, but a Puli might have a gray, white, or black coat.
  2. The size differs in both. The Puli is smaller in size, while Komondor is larger.
  3. The weight of Komondor is around 130 pounds, whereas Puli’s is around 25 to 30 pounds.
  4. The Puli guards the herd during the daytime, while a Komondor keeps a watch over the herd at night.

The Komondor dog price varies depending on the locality from where you are getting and the age of the dog breed that you wish to buy or adopt.

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