The Success Story of Anushka Iyer, Wiggles

Anushka Iyer is the co-founder of Wiggles, a petcare startup famous for Wiggle Box, a contribution–oriented container with nutritional supplements and anti-parasitic drugs for pets. The supply of this container takes place every month.

Wiggles also provides other facilities such as daycare, training, and on-call vet visits. In 2019, the startup collected US $1 million as angel investor funding from Nachiket Deshpande, chief operating officer of LTI Dell, and Aparna Badkundri, senior director of EMC.

When was Wiggles set up? was set up in 2018 for the ease of both pet parents and pets. Anushka Iyer, Venkat Mahadevan, and Rajh Iyer established the company. is the oldest pet care brand in India to gain the veterinary permit for Cannabis-tinctured Oil from the Govt. of India AYUSH ministry. It is also the oldest pet brand endorsed by the IBPSA, USA.

What is the branding strategy for

Wiggles believes in three principles – foresightfulness, attentiveness, and prompt execution. Throughout the pandemic, the company acted as a one-stop solution for issues that humans and pets never experienced earlier. The company has honed its skills to adjust to the changing times and fulfill the diversified market demands over the last three years.

In 2022, Anushka Iyer aims to develop a comprehensive pet care network that knows the fast-evolving customer predilections.

In 2022, Anushka Iyer is equipping her organization to guarantee the full-bodied delivery of more than 46 ground-breaking products designed for pet parents throughout India via a direct-to-customer network and online marketing platforms. The company has set its vision to boost its variety of products catering to the needs of all types of pets and not limited to just cats and dogs.

Besides, also provides off-line training facilities to pet owners and pets from the comfort of their residences at Petsville in Pune. Throughout 2022, the company hopes to transform the prevailing pet care setup by fixing new yardsticks in terms of quality and attention with a no-compromise approach.

It is the firm conviction of that one of the key elements of success is to remain present throughout the pethood voyage of the pet owners and pets. Anushka has created Wiggles Tribe, a web community for pet owners for their convenience. This community features a question-and-answer segment where pet owners can clear their doubts and receive free replies. Over time, the Wiggles Tribe has grown phenomenally, and the company plans to keep developing this powerful online community in the coming days. Now, the community has more than 30,000 members comprising canine behaviorists, professional veterinarians, instructors, groomers, nutrition specialists, and so on.

What’s so special about Petsville?

Anuskha Iyer has set up Petsville in Pune, your pet’s amusement hub away from home. Petsville features daycare, boarding, and breeding for dogs under professional management. Given below are the special facilities available at Pittsville:

  • Pickup and drop facilities
  • CCTV monitoring
  • Training
  • Bark park
  • Daycare & AC boarding
  • Round-the-clock veterinary care with professional oversight
  • Dog walk
  • A curated area spanning 22,000 sq feet

There are customized packages for pet parents, such as board & train, daycare, and boarding, at lucrative rates.

What is Anushka Iyer’s primary focus?

Anushka Iyer, the CEO & Founder of, an esteemed, Direct-to-customer petcare product primarily focused on the protective healthcare domain for pets with various facilities and class-generating merchandise on offer.

What are the various positions that Anushka Iyer held from time to time? 

During her career, Ms. Iyer has held the following esteemed positions:

  • – Founder & Chief Executive Officer (December 2018 – Present), four years one month)
  • Member – WICCI (Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry), August 2020 – present, two years, five months
  • iCustomMadeIti – Operations Specialist (November 2016 – May 2019), two years, seven months
  • FrankfurtRheinMain GmbH Investment Promotions – Overseas Marketing of the Territory, December 2018 – March 2019 (4 months)
  • Hope of People Everywhere – Head Of Operations (May 2017 – June 2018), one year, two months

What is Anushka Iyer’s academic background? 

Anushka studied Diploma in Complete Canine Care from the British College of Canine Studies. She also studied International Management at the Rennes School of Business. She did volunteering as an Ambassador for UNICEF France for three years and four months (September 2019 to date). Furthermore, she served as a teaching fellow for HOPE (Health Opportunity For People Everywhere) (July 2017 – till date) for five years and six months.

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