Things to Know Before Getting a Hamster

Are you planning to get a pet hamster at home? Great decision!


Hamsters are tiny and chubby, with cute and small furry critters in their bodies. Hamsters don’t require excessive pampering and are ideal for people with limited space to keep their pets. Also, they demand little effort that allows pet owners to add them to their families without putting in too much hard work.


Although hamsters are tiny and require little effort, there are a few things you should be aware of when keeping one. Once you go out and get a hamster, there are a few essential things to know.


Limited Space is Sufficient

Syrian hamsters are lonely animals who like their dedicated area. If too many hamsters are housed in the same storage space, they may fight or injure themselves. Thus, it is essential to keep them separated. Allowing hamsters to reproduce in their area is never suggested since the female may kill and eat them if she feels disturbed after giving birth to her kids.


Hamster’s Wheel is Spinning


Hamsters are genetically programmed to forage for food over distant locations; thus, it is critical to obtain their spinning wheel. This characteristic allows them to mimic that habitat more effectively. The best method to tell is to look for any bending of the backbone whenever the hamster is going on one’s spinning wheel.


They are Not Amusing


If you’re searching for a daytime companion, hamsters might not be the best choice. These fluffy creatures are up at all hours of the night, and they usually awaken around 7 p.m. and can immediately run approximately 5 miles every day on the wheel after a nap.


Hamsters Love Good Sleep


Like humans, hamsters love sleeping. When awakened from a slumber of good sleep, they will become irritable. So, if you don’t want them to bite you, don’t disturb them while they’re asleep.


Loud noises Spoil their Mood.


Hamsters primarily use their ears and noses to communicate. Vacuuming, screaming, watching TV, or listening to loud music, as well as hammering, can startle them, so it is best to keep them in a quiet place if at all possible. Sound can disrupt their nap and well-being because they sleep all day.


Hamsters are timid


Hamsters are prey animals, and they do not warm up quickly, such as other pet animal, for example, a dog. It can take weeks to tame them, and therefore initially, one can give them food and water for a week. This gives them time to adjust to the new environment. Never chase or grab them and instead approach slowly or offer your hand for them to smell. Speak gently and, as mentioned earlier, not surprise them with loud noises.




Hamsters make excellent pets. Keeping hamsters as a kid is a great way to get entertained and add happiness to your home. They’re not only adorable to interact with and just watch, but they’re also simple to maintain happiness and occupy. It’s understandable for parents to want to offer their children hamsters as pets. Perhaps hamsters aren’t ideal for children under a specific age group due to their small size and mobility.

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