Things to Know Before Getting a Rabbit

One of the cutest pets one can acquire is a rabbit. With the iconic ears, twitchy noses, and hoppy legs, it is understandable why people want them as pets.

Like any other pet, getting a rabbit requires some preparation. They are not so common as a dog or cat pet, and knowing how to care for their calls for more knowledge about their lifestyle, food habits, and behavior.

Rabbits’ lifespan

This is an essential piece of information about rabbits. This will lead you to better plan their daily and monthly care throughout their lives, given that their lifespan is short. Just feeding them and cleaning their poop is not enough. It is a big commitment to have rabbits as pets.

Rabbits are not ideal for kids.

Kids may love having a hoppy bunny they can call their own, but the rabbit is not thrilled to have them as company or caretakers. Rabbits are considered prey animals and can get startled easily by loud noises and sudden movements. Picking the rabbits up and holding them in their arms may make them feel grabbed by predators. It is recommended to wait till the kid becomes older before adopting a rabbit as a pet.

Rabbits need more space.

Keeping a rabbit in a cage all day is not a good idea. Exercise for rabbits helps their overall health. Having a room for rabbits can be great as it will allow them to run around. If a room is not possible, one should have a cage five times the size of the rabbit, including the vertical height. Also, the rabbit’s living area needs to be cleaned every day.

Rabbits need more than carrots.

A common misconception is that rabbits can gorge on vegetables all day, but providing them with a healthy diet helps. Hay and Grass form the bulk of their diet, and fresh vegetables such as broccoli, kale, lettuce, fresh carrot, apple, and even pineapple. They can help the rabbit’s digestion.

Rabbits require special medical care.

Like any pet, one needs to know the overall well-being of the rabbit. Rabbits have specialized vets who are more expensive than a veterinarian. Annual vaccinations, tests for parasites, and teeth check are recommended.

Rabbits like company

Rabbits are social animals, and they rely on the support of other animals to survive in the jungle and protect themselves from predators. Rabbits feel safer with other rabbits around them since they speak the same language. It is good to have neutering and spaying if one has two rabbits as pets.

Rabbits have their timings.

Rabbits sleep during the day and night, and they are awake during dusk and dawn. This means they can have a free run while you are asleep.

Rabbit-proofing the home

If there is no large cage or a dedicated rabbit room, giving the rabbit a free run in the house is the only option. The problem was that rabbits’ teeth do not stop chewing and can chew anything from cables to furniture. Another option would be having the rabbit play with safe toys that are chew-friendly.

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