Tips for finding a pumpkin patch near for celebrating the grand harvesting festival or Halloween

Autumn is the time for pumpkins across the Northern hemisphere as countries prepare to celebrate the Pumpkin, which coincides with the end of the harvest season and precedes Halloween. Pumpkins are classic decors during autumn, especially for carving jack-o’ lanterns for Halloween. From late September to the end of October, the pumpkin farms gear up for organizing grand festivals to attract pumpkin lovers who frantically search for a pumpkin patch near me. Perhaps, no other vegetable creates such a frenzy as pumpkins, as evident from the widespread celebrations across the farms which grow different crops.

How to find a pumpkin patch near me 

Searching the internet is the easiest way to find the best pumpkin patch near me, and the method is the same for those trying to find a free pumpkin patch near me. All farms have pumpkin patches which are small land parcels for growing pumpkins. June is the time for planting pumpkin seeds that grow through the summer months to produce vines, flowers, and lovely pumpkins. Pumpkin grows best during the drier summer as the plants do not need much water. Over the three months after planting the seeds, the vines start turning brown during October, signaling that it’s time to celebrate the grand pumpkin festival. You, too, should start searching for a   pumpkin patch farm near me.

A trip to the farm with or without your pet

Pumpkin lovers crowd the farms mostly during October, the festival season for the fruit that serves many purposes. Visiting a farm is a time for fun and frolic; as families gather at the farms of their choice, they might like to take their pets with them. After all, being a part of the family, pets should also participate in the grand celebration. However, as all farms are not pet-friendly and prohibit pet entry, you must search for a dog-friendly pumpkin patch near me if you wish to take your dog along.   Similarly, cat lovers and owners must search for a pet-friendly pumpkin patch near me. Normally, farms that entertain pets allow leashed dogs. 

Which Pumpkin do you need?

Autumn is the time for fun-filled activities as people are keen to reach the nearest farm that offers huge opportunities for picking their pumpkins. Unlike other fruits like apples that people collect to savor the delicious taste, pumpkins are mostly treated as decorative items suitable for painting or caving jack-o’ lanterns for Halloween. However, pumpkin recipes of many kinds can delight food lovers with a mind to experiment with.

However, when picking pumpkins, you should be clear about their use to choose the right ones. The pumpkins that are good for cooking are of no use to those who want to use them for carving. Therefore, besides knowing how to pick your pumpkin patch near me, you must know which type of Pumpkin is right for you.

A lot of money is spent on pumpkins.

Since pumpkins are in most demand in the US for making jack-o’ lanterns at home for Halloween, it will not be wrong to assume that it’s the most popular type of Pumpkin during the pumpkin festival. Almost 44% of the American population engages in lantern making and does not mind shelling out some extra dollars to meet the rising price.

In 2021, the average price of Pumpkin was $4.83, which went up to $5.40 in 2022. Considering the inflationary market, the rise of 12% seems reasonable. According to estimates, Americans might have spent $804 million purchasing pumpkins for Halloween. With so much money spent on pumpkins, you should stay prepared before hitting the pumpkin patches to pick the right ones that are excellent for lantern making.

As you keep reading, it will be clear what to look for in pumpkins that are best for making lanterns for Halloween while ensuring that you spend your money wisely.

Check out the stem

The size and strength of the stem indicate the health of the Pumpkin. Choose pumpkins with a green stem at least 2 inches wide which hints at a freshly harvested fruit that will last long enough on your porch.

Be mindful of cuts, soft spots, and frost-bitten pumpkins

While trekking through the pumpkin patches, try to pick only those with a plain and neat surface without any spots and cuts. The firmer the Pumpkin’s surface, the longer it will last because any cuts or spots visible on the surface indicate the possibility of early rotting.

If you live in a cooler climate, keep away from frost-bitten pumpkins. Frost can damage the flesh and skin of pumpkins that look mushy and would rot early. Inspect the color around the stem to detect frost damage that makes the color in that part duller than the rest.

Focus on the color

As you will use the Pumpkin for decorative purposes, the color must be uniform across the entire surface. Choose one with a bright orange color that indicates optimal ripening. If any part of the Pumpkin has green or brown patches, it is a sign of under or over-ripening.

Avoid the fussiness about a picture-perfect pumpkin

Although you must pick a pumpkin that makes a good lantern that lasts for many days, you must not be rigid about getting the most flawless looks of the fruit. Although the perfect shape might seem the best choice, odd-shaped pumpkins can add different characters and make the carving more fun.

Armed with the information shared in this article, it should be easy to find a pumpkin patch near me and help you choose pumpkins that give the best value for money.

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