5 Tips for Long Distance Travelling with Dogs in Car

For families with pets, they cannot think of travelling without them. As per a survey conducted in 2018, it was found that 95% of the pet owners had planned at least one overnight travel along with their pets. However, it is a pleasure travelling with your dog only if you have imparted proper training and taught etiquette, which includes exercising restraint while on a road trip to behaving well as far as bathroom manners are concerned. Here are a few tips that can help you make the car trip memorable.
How to make your long-distance car travel secure and happy with your pet?

Here are a few tips for you to ponder over. These include the following-

Teach restrain to your pet

It is very important to teach your pet to restrain, especially when behind the wheels. You cannot afford to have your pet jumping around in the vehicle you are driving. Since you must avoid any kind of accident, you must drive carefully. This is possible if you can focus on driving. Make your pet sit in the back seat. If possible, get a separate seat for your pet. A pet seat-belt is available that can keep your pet in place and prevent it from jumping around.

Make them accustomed

Before you finally set off on the long-distance car drive, allow your pet to get used to short distant trips. And each time you do so, make sure you increase the time little by little. By doing so, your dog will get used to sitting in the car calmly when you finally set off for long-distance travel.

Plan your pets’ meal

Overfeeding your pet before the long drive can play havoc on gut health. With all the bumps and jerks, it is quite likely that it might throw up. As such, make sure you serve food to your pet at least three to four hours before you start your car’s engine. Also, try not to make your pet eat while driving or in a moving vehicle. And if your pet refuses to eat beforehand, stop your car on the way when you want to take a break and feed your pet. Eating inside a moving vehicle will lead to pet car sickness.

Leaving your pet inside the car

If you happen to halt at a place where it is very sunny, make sure you do not keep your pet inside the car. A temperature lower than 35 degrees F and higher than 70 degrees F can prove fatal. There are several instances when pets lost their lives due to asphyxiation.

Pack separately for your pet

When you arrange your belongings, make sure you pack separately for your pet as well. Carry a bag for it that will contain all your pet’s stuff. These will include immunization records, health records, food, water, medicines, bowls, and a portable potty system which you can carry as a piece of separate baggage.

Aside from the above, make sure your before travelling with dog that it has an ID microchip and a tag. Mention the name of the dog, your address, contact details in case it gets lost.

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