How to Make a Dog Instagram Account

Instagram is a rage these days. But do not be surprised if you come across Instagram accounts that belong to cats and dogs. If you treat your pet as a family member, why will you not want to flaunt your pet’s beauty and grace and mischief on this well-known social media platform? However, if you are new on this particular social media platform or this is your first time opening a dog instagram account, you can follow these steps mentioned below.

Steps to open your dog Instagram account

Remember, an essential aspect about your dog Instagram account, do not be disappointed if you find that there are not too many followers of your pet’s account. It will not happen anytime soon.

And your pets’ followers will be the ones that are pet owners and share common interests, and are mesmerized by your pet’s beauty and tantrums. So, follow these steps if you are unsure about going about it.

Downloading the app

Download Instagram from an app store for free.

Decide upon a handle.

The username is the “handle” here. It will represent your dog, in this case, across the Instagram platform. When you create the username, it must be unique and not one that someone has already taken.

Creating your pet’s profile

Next, you must create a profile once you have created the Instagram account. Click on the edit button and feed in your pet’s name; if you have a website, write a bio that will describe your loving pet. Add a profile picture. Put a nice one since this is the first glimpse others will catch when they visit your account.

Take photos

This can be quite a daunting task. This is because your pet may not be calm or agree to pose for the perfect picture that you are trying to click. So, it would help if you exercised much patience to get the shot you are thinking of. These pictures can be taken inside your home or outdoors a well. Perhaps your options will be greater if you try to take the images outdoors, and you will have greater options to use the background.

Share the first post

After you have been able to click a series of new shots, post them. Add captions to each picture you post. Since you have 2,200 characters at your disposal, make judicious use of this space so that you can explain to the world about the image.

Engage with other Instagram account users

Unless you can engage with the other users, you will not grow. Interact with others, add comments, likes, and shares. Engagement also means the number of accounts you are following and the number of followers you have.

Consistency matters

Be consistent as you post. Encourage web traffic to your account. Be interactive and engage in conversation with others frequently.

In a nutshell, let your dog Instagram account grow, and you have to play an instrumental role in the same.

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