Cats are intelligent and intuitive creatures, and they have many likes. Trying to understand the question of “what do cats like” will require one to look at many of their habits. In many instances, they love the same things humans like – for example, taking naps in cozy places, wanting good food, and having fun activities. Because they are intelligent and independent, they have many dislikes too. Here we list ten things to know what cats love to do.

Cats like to take naps.

The one secret that everyone knows about cats is that they love to sleep. A cat, on average, sleeps for 12-16 hours a day. Cats, who are nocturnal creatures, love to sleep in their cozy corner for most of the day. An older cat or a kitten will sleep more than a young cat. But if your adolescent cat is sleeping too little or too much, it can be a worrying cause, and one should consult the vet for any underlying sickness.

Cats like to be groomed.

One would be surprised to know that cats spend nearly half of their waking hours grooming themselves. There are a few reasons why grooming is so important in a kitten’s life.

  • It helps the cats to keep themselves clean. By licking their furs, they remove the grime and dirt. Also, licking helps remove the smell that can protect them from predators detecting and preying on them.
  • Helps in keeping the fur and skin healthy through regular grooming
  • Helps to relax after cleaning and grooming themselves
  • Helps to cool during hot weather by licking the furs with their saliva.

Cats love themselves and like grooming by humans too – for example, if the pet owner brushes their furs.

Cats love Fresh food and Nutritious food.

Like humans do not want to eat leftover foods, cats feel the same. They do not like stale or spoiled food and prefer getting fresh, nutritious food. While cats love milk, they also prefer homemade non-vegetarian foods. What do cats like to eat? They love meat and fish which are cooked at home.

Cats love drinking from running water.

Only a cat owner will tell how much a cat loves to drink from a running faucet whenever they get it. Many water fountains are designed in a way, especially for cats. Some breeds of cats also like to play in the water. If one has a bathtub, filling it with water and giving the cat some playtime will cool them off on hot days and provide a bit of exercise.

Cats love to be naughty.

Have you seen how cats push things off the tables and watch them break? See the fun in their innocent reactions. So even if one provides them with plenty of toys to play with, they like to knock off things from counters and break them. Why do cats behave like this? Every time items fall, bounce, and shatter into different pieces; cats find it fun watching this scene.

Cats love to claw and scratch.

When it comes to sharpening their claws by scratching on different surfaces, cats just dote on it. If you are wondering do cats love belly rubs like dogs, then the answer lies in a broader perspective.

They also derive pleasure from doing so. Why do they do this? A cat’s basic behavioral instinct allows them to scratch and claw. Scratching also helps cats to relax and rejuvenate. Quick scratching on a tree or a wall helps them become more active after falling asleep. This is similar to a human who has a nice stretch after waking up.

Cats love playing daily.

What do cats like to do every day? They love their playtime as it is a serious business for them. This activity they pursue from kittenhood to old age. It is not tough to keep a cat entertained. They will play with any type of toy. Playing helps the cat be healthy and keeps them engaged, happy, and exercised. There are hundreds of toys designed for cats available on the market, but there are times when cats can play games without toys, such as hide and seek.


Cats like to watch birds.

One can commonly find cats sitting on window sills. What do cats do over there? The place is a good location from where they can watch birds. And Cats love to watch and observe birds for hours, watching their movements or simply preying on them.

As cat owners, on should ensure that the cat gets protected from the sun’s direct rays when curling up in the windows. Also, limiting the time spent there is the responsibility of the owner.

Cats love humans

Do cats like it when you talk to them? Yes, cats need attention, love, and companionship even though they might be considered solitary animals who prefer solitude. Cats in love have a different way of expressing themselves. Since they cannot say “I love you” like humans, they will indulge in purring, putting their heads on the human, sleeping near them, licking, or meowing.

Cats love Boxes!

Cats are obsessed with boxes. They love getting inside and jumping out of them. So why do they do this? Cats like comfort and security. Staying inside a box makes them feel cozy, secure, and comfortable as they are covered and protected from all sides. Another reason is cats love to have fun. Boxes allow them to have fun by hiding and springing out of the boxes, surprising housemates.


There are many more things that cats love apart from the ten things listed above; like humans, their preferences change. There is no standard and fixed answers to questions like what do cats like? They keep changing as cats may love something one day and then find it boring the next day. Also, likes can vary from cat to cat.

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