Why You Should Get A Pet Turtle?

There are myriad reasons you might want to get a pet turtle, and we’ve outlined eight below. So read on, and see if turtle ownership is right for you!

Advantages of having a pet turtle

There are many reasons why you might want to get a pet turtle. Here are a few:

  • Many people find turtles charming and enjoy their company.
  • Turtles are low-maintenance pets and require little in the way of care.
  • They can be very active and provide plenty of fun and entertainment.
  • Some turtles make great pets for kids as they are gentle and slow-moving enough that they won’t scare them.

How to choose the right turtle for you

If you’re considering getting a pet turtle, there are a few things to consider. Here are a few reasons why getting a turtle is a great idea:

  1. Turtles are low-maintenance animals that don’t require much care and are relatively easy to care for. All you need is a place to keep them (a tank, for example), food and water, and some toys for them to play with.
  2. Turtles are versatile pets. They can be kept in an indoor or outdoor environment, and they can be used as teaching tools for children. You can also train them to do tricks or perform specific tasks.
  3. Turtles are gentle creatures. While they may not be the best choice if you’re looking for an animal that can provide you with protection, turtles are generally very docile and calm animals that make great family pets.

Types of turtles to consider

If you’re considering getting a pet turtle, there are a few things to consider. Here are some of the most common types of turtles and what to look for when choosing one:

The Chinese Softshell turtle is a popular choice for first-time pet owners because they are easy to care for and makes great pets for kids. They require minimal care and do well in a variety of environments, from indoors to outdoors.

The box turtle is another popular choice, as they are easy to keep and can live quite long lives. Box turtles are active by nature and require lots of room to roam. Make sure to buy a healthy box turtle if you intend on keeping one as a pet.

The African spurred tortoise is a venerable pet choice that can live up to 50 years. These large tortoises need lots of space – at least 50 square feet – and need to be fed three times per day on a diet consisting mostly of hay, insects, and small reptiles. Because they are such large animals, Spurted tortoises may not be suitable for everyone – be sure to consult with your veterinarian before adopting one.

Housing Your Turtle

One of the reasons you might want to get a pet turtle is because they are so adorable! While they don’t require much care, they need a place to live where they can be safe and secure. If you are considering getting a pet turtle, here are some things to keep in mind:

– Size matters! Make sure you choose the right size turtle for your home before you buy it. Some turtles considered small enough to fit in a cup or small container can grow quite large. If you’re unsure what size to get, talk to an expert.

– Lighting. Your turtle needs regular sunlight and darkness to hatch its eggs and grow its shell. If your home does not have an appropriate amount of light, consider buying a light fixture that can be placed over the turtle’s enclosure. Make sure the light is turned off during hours when your turtle is not active.

– Temperature. A cool room is perfect for a turtle, but ensure the temperature stays consistent throughout the year. If your home gets too hot or cold, you may need a heating pad or cooler for your enclosure.

Feeding Your Turtle

If you’re considering getting a pet turtle, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, be sure to find a healthy specimen. There are a lot of unhealthy turtles on the market, and even healthy ones can get sick if they’re not given the right food and care.

Second, you’ll need to provide your new friend with a proper diet. A good diet for a turtle includes hay, insects, and fresh vegetables. You can also give them water in a bowl and some rocks to sit on.

Finally, keep your turtle warm and dry during cold weather periods.

If you’re considering getting a turtle as a pet, it’s important to understand the basics of handling them correctly. Turtles are docile creatures that can be easily hurt if not handled correctly.

Here are some turtle handling tips:

  1. NEVER pick up a turtle by its tail – this is how they get injured! Instead, use one hand to hold the turtle by the back of its shell and the other hand to grab its tail.
  2. Never put your fingers in a turtle’s mouth – this is how you might get bitten. Instead, use a finger to poke the turtle’s mouth open and then insert your finger.
  3. Never hold a turtle upside down – this is how they get squished. Instead, hold it upright so its head and body are at level with each other.
  4. -Always keep turtles cool and wet – extreme temperatures or dehydration can kill them. Place them in a shallow water dish or place their tank inside an ice chest filled with cold water.


There are many wonderful reasons to get a pet turtle, which can make a great addition to your family. Turtles are smart animals that learn rapidly and make great pets because they don’t require much care. They like to be snuggled up close and are gentle creatures that won’t nip at you if you’re not careful.

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