12 Best Pet Apps for Android Users

Pets are significant to us these days, and many of us have them. Owning a pet is an enjoyable experience, and technology has largely simplified providing them with the right care, even though it is not always easy.

Pet owners can choose from a wide variety of apps. Usually, they’re goofy, fun apps like camera apps and all. There are numerous great apps for pet owners that are also highly functional. Here are 12 pet apps we recommend. These include apps for keeping pets healthy, finding a dog walker if you cannot do it yourself, and finding a playmate.

Microchipping your animals is also recommended to be found if they go missing. Unless you purchase special GPS collars, there are no good pet finder apps for mobile devices at the moment.



1.    11PETS (RATING-4.5/5)


There are many pet care apps, but 11pets is one of the best. There are three modes of operation for this app. “11pets: Pet Care” caters to pet owners with pets, “11pets: Groomer” caters to professional groomers, and “11pets: Adopt” caters to animal rescue organizations. To start, make sure you are connected with the correct role.

This app helps you record all the medical information about your pet. This includes reminders about medication, food tracking, grooming, oral and ear care, various measurements such as weight and height, and vaccinations. A reminder of your upcoming vet appointment is also included.

It is a free app with more than 50 features. A few minor bugs occur from time to time, but nothing serious. In addition, there are no advertisements or in-app purchases in the app.


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Pet owners can order a variety of cages, litter boxes, food, and treats on Amazon and other pet products. In addition, you can read reviews of the products in this way; you can determine whether or not the different ideas work for other people. Combine that with a good return policy, generally positive shipping experiences, and a very large selection, and it’s tough not to recommend Amazon to people with pets. Many pet owners were already aware of these things.

Price: Free / $119.99 annually / $13.99 monthly

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3. CHEWY (RATING-4.5/5)


Chewy is an online shopping app that allows you to shop for pets. The app allows you to purchase pet supplies and food easily. Pet products are available for animals of all types, including dogs, cats, birds, and fish. There is a larger selection of food than in most pet stores.

It offers thousands of brands of various items and free shipping in some cases. Using Autoship, you can easily manage your orders, track their progress, and schedule orders to be delivered when needed. A company offers discounts if you schedule automatic shipments, which was a great feature when we tested it. It also includes details about each product on offer to keep you informed.

The app offers 24/7 access to pet experts and many more features. You should receive the merchandise from Chewy within 1-2 business days if your order exceeds $50 in value. In general, this app does many things well and has very few deficiencies. A high-rated app in the Play Store is not without reason, and it looks great. Its user interface is simple and very functional, so you will have no problem.

PRICE: Free / Product prices vary

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4. DOGO (RATING-5/5)

 You can use Dogo to train your dog if you’re thinking about it. Please be aware that this clicker training app requires a clicker to function properly. Some nice animations come with the app, so its design is nice. Overall, it’s an absolute delight to use. Dogo’s app features over 100 tricks, games, potty training tips, training programs, and feedback from their trainers.

There are basic obedience tricks such as name, sit, down, recall, and advanced ones such as spin, heel, sit, and stay. You can record a video of your dog performing a trick so that a Dogo dog trainer can give you their feedback. Every week, Dogo provides a new challenge theme. In this way, you can demonstrate how well your dog is trained while also expressing your creativity. There are also five detailed methods for training your dog.

PRICE: Free to download

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5.ROVER (RATING-4.5/5)

 It is great to use Rover if you need a dog walker or pet sitter. Rover is Airbnb for pets, with most of them being dogs. Pet sitters can be found in your area to take care of your dog while you are away from home on vacation or if you will not be home to do so for other events. It is one of the best ones available on Google Play for that purpose.

You can communicate with the dog sitter whenever you need it, and there is a rating system to find the best ones. In addition, you can receive photos from the sitter via the app. This is an excellent service for pet sitting.

Unfortunately, it has bugs from time to time. They offer 24-hour customer support on every service you book. Its interface design is excellent, too, which makes things even better. Currently, the site is limited to the US and Canada, but you can find over 100,000 pet sitters and dog walkers here. Rover allows you to find someone who does these things easily.


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Pawprint is a health record tracking system for pets. You can use this app to bring everyone involved in caring for your pet together around one central source of information.

Animal information can be entered, including microchip numbers, medications, vet visits, and even place of residence. Additionally, the app provides reminders and original documentation from veterinarians. A Pawprint isn’t just for your pet’s medical records; you can also include feeding instructions, reminders, and even photographs if you’d like. While this app is region-locked, you can still get your vet records in it without any difficulty. This is a simple app with a lot of functionality, but your pet’s veterinarian must be a member of the network.

Overall, the design of the app is very simple. It is flat and simple and looks modern. Besides a hamburger menu on the side, four tabs are located at the bottom of the page. Since all the information is displayed on one screen, it is easy to navigate the app.


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PetDesk emphasizes the importance of caring for your pet, and the app can be used to contact pet care professionals. You can track your animal’s health, medications, vaccination, and other metrics using the app. Besides connecting you with veterinary clinics, the app also can provide access to grooming facilities, boarding, pet daycare, and many other services. You can also request pet medication refills from this app and earn points with every dollar spent.

Many people like PetDesk, one of the most popular apps in the Play Store for pets. This app allows you to request appointments 24 hours a day, which can be extremely useful when in need. Aside from adding custom to-dos to your calendar, the app allows you to sync reminders. Pet owners have a one-stop-shop that is better than average. Despite our attempts to find ads and in-app purchases, we could not locate them in the app.



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This app, pet first aid, provides basic first aid for pets. An app that teaches things like CPR for pets, troubleshooting choking situations, and dealing with other medical emergencies is available. The app covers various topics, including smoke inhalation and bleeding. Unfortunately, the app does not cover many types of pets, and there are a few popular ones, such as dogs and cats. There’s no doubt that this is one of the best pet apps you can find.

You should keep in mind that this service is for US citizens only. Through this application, you can get immediate medical advice for your pet in an emergency. Apps like Pet First Aid offer veterinarian advice at the tip of your fingers because it’s marketed.

The app offers simple step-by-step instructions to guide you through various emergencies, and you can toggle between dog and cat content. A veterinary contact number can also be programmed here in addition to an early warning sign checker. The app offers a combination of text, video, and image content so that you can learn first aid steps for over 25 common pet situations.


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Pet owners can find useful resources on Reddit. Various subreddits are available for animal lovers, including the usual photos of pets and other goodies. Additionally, it can also provide pet owners with helpful advice and information. Although you should always seek veterinary care for serious problems, there are some great ideas for less serious issues, like potty training your ferret, training your dog in behavioral tricks, etc. Adding features and removing ads is part of the Reddit Gold subscription. Most people should be fine with regular Reddit. If you do not like this app, there are plenty of third-party options.

PRICE: The price is $3.99 monthly / $24.99 annually

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You can find pet-friendly hotels on BringFido if you’re looking for one. But using the app for pet-friendly hotels isn’t its only purpose. Additionally, dog parks, trails, and even a beach can be found using the app. These are just a few examples, as you can also find dog-friendly restaurants using this app. Traveling with your pet with this app on your phone will be a great experience.

Various search options are available, including distance, popularity, rating, and price. A few additional filters are provided as well. You can find hotels, especially for pet owners, if you have a large dog or a lot of pets. In addition, you can use this application to locate nearby dog-friendly attractions. You can use the app for free even though it contains ads.



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If you are looking for a playmate for your pet, Petamiko is a great app choice. As a bonus, you can find suitable mates for your pet. When you use the app, you will be shown profiles compatible with your pet. Using the location and breed of your pet, it will attempt to find a match. You will not be able to use this app in most countries because it is also region-locked.

You can also chat with prospective matches with Petamiko. You can contact the suitable pet owner if you like any of Petamiko’s suggestions. There is the chance to exchange photos and further details and set up a play date. There’s also a ‘Pet Community’ feature that allows you to schedule activities. Through this feature, you can discuss different topics relevant to pets.



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Pet apps are highly rated on Google Play, and VitusVet is one of them. Large networks of veterinarians exist. The purpose of this app is to look after your pet’s health. A complete medical history of your pets can be viewed at a glance if you register them there. It allows you to keep all the medical information about your pet in one location. There is nothing better than having one or more pets. In addition, it’s useful for those who use more than one pet care provider, such as groomers, walkers, and sitters. Worth checking out.

With this app, you can keep track of your pet’s health by keeping tabs on their weight and medications and logging their microchips and insurance information. Additionally, appointments and prescription refills can be requested via this app.

Despite the app’s simplicity, it offers a wide range of features. Although I don’t have any major complaints about the UI, it looks good to the eye and is very functional.



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It will be easier than ever to take care of pets in 2022. You can use an app to schedule an appointment with a veterinarian or a hotel. With these time-saving and essential must-have apps, you can do everything from training your dog to getting help from a professional veterinarian from the comfort of your couch. You should find these tips helpful in simplifying your life and spending more quality time with your dog.

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