5 Monkey Breeds That Are Kept as Pets

Monkeys are undoubtedly intelligent, diverse, and amazing creatures. It does not come as a surprise when many people prefer to keep them as pets. But due to legal aspects coupled with the amount of care they require and space they need at their disposal, not many can afford to keep them always. However, here we will discuss the popular monkey breeds kept as pets. 

5 Types of pet monkey breeds – An Overview

Before we go ahead and check out the few monkey breeds that can be kept as pets, an important question you need to ask yourself before you take the plunge is, are monkeys good pets in the first place?

You will be disappointed to know that monkeys have diverse requirements and unique expectations, which do not make them appropriate pet animals that you can own.

If you want to own a pet, what factors do you consider? These include low maintenance costs, obedience, and companionship. You can relax and get some serene moments after a tedious day’s work with pets. However, whether it is a pet monkey, baby monkey, cute monkey, or small monkey, they can be terrible creatures at home, especially if they are confined.

They can cause household members to stir out of their own houses with their super active or hyperactivity. Despite the same, if you are hell-bent on keeping one as a pet, we go with a few names that you can try to bring home and keep as pets.

5 Types of monkeys to consider as pets

Check out the names or breeds of monkeys that can be kept as pets.



This is one of the primates people can keep as pets.

  • It is small, weighs around 6 ounces, and grows 7 inches tall.
  • They have an iconic appearance with large bulging eyes
  • It is an endangered species, and not legal to keep them as pets.



Another type of monkey type that cannot be included among the small monkey breeds. 


  • They are cleaner than the average monkeys
  • They are larger in stature in comparison to Tarsier.
  • Weighs around 32 ounces, and the length is up to 12 inches
  • They prefer to stay in a single corner of the house
  • Not many dietary demands
  • Not strong enough that they can cause harm to the humans
  • Noisy and destructive when boredom strikes them.



Chimpanzees do not fall into the category of monkeys, but they are apes.

  • It is undoubtedly cute but aggressive
  • Dangerous
  • Chimpanzees usually weigh over 150 pounds and are often more than 5 feet tall
  • More powerful in comparison to human beings
  • They are territorial, and even normal human behavior can be mistaken for insults.
  • Savage-like behavior when insulted or feel they have been wronged.

Squirrel Monkey


The squirrel monkey breed is one of the smallest and the most curious of the lot.

  • Not as dangerous as Chimpanzees
  • They grow up to 14 inches tall and weigh around 2 pounds
  • They need a lot of care and attention
  • Their diet demand is varied, and they expect constant attention, care, and entertainment from the owners.
  • The worst habit they possess is throwing their fecal matter around whenever they are upset.
  • They could leave a scent trail by urinating on hands and bodies, and feet.



They possess human-like faces and are expressive.

  • Many people keep them as pets
  • They have varied expressions on their faces, and this feature makes them interesting and human-like.
  • They weigh around 30 pounds and grow up to 3 feet.
  • One of the most important aspects that you must keep in mind is that they can be carriers of Herpes B, a highly transmissible disease.
  • They are carriers of some of the most severe ailments, although it is in the process of ongoing research.

Having said about the five types of monkey breeds that you can think of keeping as pets, let us find out a few more important aspects related to the same.

Cost of getting a monkey home

The cost of a pet monkey will depend on the species and the breed. But getting a monkey home as a pet alone can cause you to shell out anything between $4000 and $75000, which can go higher up. And the cost factor itself is the main that causes many pet owners to turn their attention to other pets instead of monkeys. Aside from just buying one, you must incur expenses on other factors like the following-

  • Special dietary requirements
  • Enclosures that must be maintained at specific temperatures
  • Hygiene products
  • Cost of setting up large climbing areas
  • Ongoing checkups and initial examination
  • Cost of a trainer for training your pet
  • Round-the-clock expense as and when required.

Remember, the mentioned above cannot be negotiated, and these expenses are inevitable.

Is it legal to own a monkey as a pet?

It is legal to own monkeys in 31 states of the United States. However, few countries have banned the practice of keeping monkeys as pets. Similarly, the United Kingdom is also moving towards a ban on owning these animals. There is still a partial ban for those states that do not have a complete ban in place.

In a nutshell, it can be said that you have the liberty to own a monkey as a pet. However, it is not legal in all places. And even if it is legal in places, you must be aware of the regulations and the norms that govern the same.

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