15 Low-Light Plants for Every Corner of Your Home

Placing plants indoors is a new rage now. They keep the environment fresh to look at and give a natural look to your home. But lighting condition is one aspect that you have to pay heed to.

This will ensure that your plants thrive well for a long time and do not lose their beauty or start drooping. But what are the 15 plants that require low lighting conditions and can be placed at every nook and corner of your home as per your choice? Read through the write-up to know more about the same.

Indoor plants – Your 15 best options

What are the benefits of having plants inside your home? Apart from radiating a nice green look, here are some of the benefits-

  • Indoor plants are responsible for purifying the air.
  • They make the ambiance a happy one
  • These plants promote overall well-being
  • Help us to connect with nature

Which is the best place to keep your indoor plants?

You can check out these general rules for placing indoor plants.

  1. East facing –Place the plants at least 5 feet from the windows.
  2. North facing –If you keep the plants near the windows, do not place them directly in the sun, but they must receive some light.
  3. West-facing or South facing –Place the plant 10 feet away from the windows.
  4. None of the plants will thrive in direct sunlight.

15 best low light plants for your home

Check out these options-

  • ZZ Plant

These plants grow well in drier conditions. It does not need regular watering of plants. Keep it at the corner of a room devoid of any window.

  • Snake Plant

It is also known as mother-in-law’s tongue; it is one of the most demanding home plants. They require low light, particularly the Sansevieria species.

  • Chinese evergreen

This is known as one of the better low-light indoor plants. It requires low maintenance, and you will find it in its best health even after three weeks.

  • Spider plant

It is an adaptable plant and grows quickly, even in low light. Place it as a hanging plant in pots or baskets. It can also grow in artificial light.

  • Lady Palm

It requires water just once a week, grows slowly, and thrives well in low light.

  • Philodendron 

This is a medium to a low light indoor plant. It grows best if you keep it dry in between watering.

  • English Ivy

The English Ivy purifies the air. This helps in filtering out mold, toxins, and pollen from the air.

  • Lucky Bamboo

This plant thrives well in low indirect light. But will not grow in absolute darkness.

  • Peace Lily

Consistent moist soil, low light, you will get to know when the plant requires light, the leaves will droop.

  • Creeping Fig

This plant can grow well in a bright room but not in direct sunlight.

  • Prayer Plant

These plants can tolerate low light conditions but will not withstand cold temperatures.

  • Arrowhead Wine

Although these plants thrive in low light, the variegated ones will grow well only in filtered and bright light.

  • Dracaena limelight

The success of watering is to let it dry between two episodes of watering.

  • Pothos

It is one of the indoor plants that can survive in diverse conditions.

  • Staghorn Fern 

This plant requires low moisture, almost no soil, and can thrive well even in high humidity conditions.

Remember, indoor plants enhance the aesthetic décor of the house and, at the same time, purifies the air and offer greenery within the four walls.

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