The Health Benefits of Indoor Plants Backed By Scientific Theory

For some, the presence of houseplants may add to the appeal and décor of the house. You might like the sense of greenery and be passionate about having plants around. But there is more to it. Studies have revealed that living in green spaces that are cultivated makes an ideal location for people to live in. Moreover, there are many health benefits that you can derive from living amidst greenery. In this write-up, let us find out how you will benefit from these indoor green plants.

Health benefits of houseplants

Check out the following benefits of having green plants around-

  • Houseplants will help in reducing stress levels

A study that you can find in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology revealed that if you have plants in your home or office, you experience a sense of comfort and calmness. A study was conducted wherein two groups of people were assigned two different types of work. One group was assigned a computer-related task, and the other group was assigned the task of repotting houseplants. After they completed the task, it was found that the group that was given the computer task had deviated health parameters like stress level, heart rate, and blood pressure. The other group manifested stress that was lower in response.

  • Plants help you to focus better.

Another health benefit of keeping houseplants is that they help you improve your focus and concentration. However, plastic plants will not offer the same benefit. According to a study that had 23 participants put in classrooms that had no plants at all, had plastic plants, and had real plants. It was found that those who were in the classroom having real plants were able to concentrate more. The results were obtained after brain scans.

  • Houseplants offer therapeutic benefits.

Research has found that if individuals have a mental disorder, gardening indoors may help immensely. It was found that researchers have employed the technique of horticultural therapy to address problems of anxiety, dementia, depression, and several other conditions.

  • Help in recovery from illness faster

A 2002 review of research implies that if you have undergone surgery, you recover faster if you have greenery around. It was also found that you also required fewer medicines and had a shorter stay in the hospital.

  • Plants improve indoor air quality.

Plants have been found to remove toxic air from the room in which they are placed. The term used for the same is phytoremediation, which is applied when plants scrub out contaminants from the atmosphere. It was found as per a study conducted by NASA in the 1980s.

Researchers have also tried to better the quality of air inside a spacecraft, and researchers found that the soil and roots effectively eliminated VOCs or volatile organic compounds that are airborne.

Now that studies have proved that houseplants improve air quality and offer several other health benefits choose the best ones that you will be able to maintain and plant them in pots in your home.

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