20 Dog Commands that are Beneficial for Your Pet

While dog training is quite enjoyable, it can also be difficult sometimes. However, knowing the proper tactical dog training commands will help pet owners to train their dogs effectively. Basic dog commands like sit and stay can help a dog behave well at home and outside.

Here is a list of dog commands and hand signals, and unique command words for dogs that are worth knowing: –

1. fun dog commands like “sit” will come in handy if anyone has guests arriving or the dog is getting treats.

2. “Down” will be an excellent command for a dog to learn for times when a dog becomes overly excited.

3. If anyone is looking for what are the ten basic dog commands, then “stay” is one of them.

4. Dogs need to learn the command “watch me” to safely cross the roads. Additionally, it will help them to be cautious when squirrels dart in front of them.

5. Similar to “stay,” and “wait” are service dog commands. Individuals can use it to help them contain their excitement sometimes. 

6. People looking for the seven basic dog commands should teach their dog “come.” If a dog begins to run away or enter a dangerous place, it might just save their lives.

7. “Drop it” is a crucial instruction that keeps a dog from injuring themselves or the house owner’s goods. 

8. “Off” can be one of the helpful alternative words for dog commands to prevent dog hair from getting on any furnishings. 

9. Dogs can occasionally get into things they shouldn’t because they are curious animals. In such cases, the command “leave it” will come in handy.

10. Heel is one command that is helpful daily for a puppy, especially when taking a stroll outdoors.

11. “No” is a helpful command that will help keep dogs out of several types of trouble.

12. Whatever phrase one picks to describe getting their dog to relieve itself outside will be used for years to come.

13. Dog owners can use “take it” to instruct their dog to pick something up or take a treat.

14. Dogs need to learn the word leash to get out of it. Since dogs sometimes get stuck in it while walking.

15. Just like human babies, telling dogs to go to bed is also an important command. 

16. A nice trick a dog can learn is to place its paws in the owner’s lap. It is helpful when their paws are not clean and requires cleaning.

17. The command speak can be useful for finding a puppy if they hide indoors or outside without a leash.

18. The owners can use the phrase “quiet” when the pet is noisy or barking incessantly.

19. It’s entertaining to teach a dog how to “shake” to play with the dogs.

20. Car is also a great command that people can learn to lead the pets to get into a car. 

Teaching them these fundamental commands is necessary to address behavioral issues and keep them healthy and content. Thus, if you create a list of dog commands and hand signals pdf and keep it with you for regular use, it should help teach dogs some essential and fun commands. 

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