The Success Story of Alissa and Allan Cruz – D Pet Hotels

Alissa Cruz is one of the owners of D Pet Hotels Hollywood. D Pet Hotels provides the most superior doggie daycare services comprising three fabulous dog parks covering a 4,000 sq. feet area of the open space of the hotel. 

Tailored to offer the best possible setting for the dogs to have fun and work out around the day, these customized parks can lodge big dogs, mid-sized dogs, and the Pint-sized Cliq for the tiny doggies.

When did it all start?

Way back in 2008, Allan and Alissa Cruz, two thriving realty experts residing in Calabasas, CA, felt that there were no deluxe choices for tending their adored doggies. They had a miniature pinscher and a Chihuahua at that time. After considerable contemplation and cautious strategizing, they founded an organization named D Pet Hotels. The Cruzes set up a deluxe hotel designed for dogs in an erstwhile film studio in Hollywood, California.

After nine years, this novel concept tailored exclusively for pets has become so booming that D Pet Hotel is currently a 4-hotel chain with ancillaries in New York, Austin, Los Angeles, and Scottsdale. Similar policies apply to every D Pet Hotel providing special and sophisticated luxury to the fortunate canine customers.

D Pet Hotels offer an unparalleled familiarity on account of a spotless, secure, and exciting setting in which dogs frolic, unwind, and are splendidly coddled.

What services do Alissa and Allan Cruz provide through D Pet Hotels?

The popular services provided by Alissa and Allan Cruz to their customers through D Pet Hotels are:

  • Daycare
  • Boarding
  • Grooming
  • D-Chauffer
  • Training
  • D-Boutique

At D Pet Hotel, every puppy has accessibility to Sophisticated Deluxe Suites, A Playgroup, Large Enclosed Recreational Areas, and High-End Dress Shops where dog lovers can purchase playthings ornaments, and foodstuff from esteemed brand names like Weruva, Merrick, and Evo. The internal D-Boutique also sells deluxe beds, containers, organic delicacies, harnesses, and bags.

Besides, they cherish a health spa with Happytails merchandise, move around with a personal driver in Porsche and Lamborghini sports vehicles, tailor-made photo shoots from Furtographs, and a vet accessible round the clock.

What are the various suites offered by D Pet Hotels?

D Pet Hotels feature various suites such as Sensational, Standard, and Uber (22 feet x 17 feet). The following amenities accompany all these suites:

  • Special beds
  • 42” flat-screen television sets with dog-oriented films
  • Playthings
  • Downy bone-pattern cushions
  • Room service that incorporates food made by a professional cook dedicated to rendering nourishment to doggies

Furthermore, the hotels have a fitness center with workout videos, an individual instructor, strolls in the space, and facilities resembling established five-star hotels. As far as rates are concerned, a 1-day halt simply surpasses the US $300.

What is the specialty of D Pet Hotels?

At D Pet Hotels, categories of dogs are created in terms of their disposition and size in distinct spaces where they can mingle. Delicacies and playthings are not permitted in these spaces with rubber floors since they might induce puppies to act violently. Rather, they have the liberty to woof as much as they desire.

Similar to all lavish setups, these hotels feature their private beauty parlors having various therapies that incorporate tending of nails and locking or uncurling the puppies’ hair.

Where have Alissa and Allan Cruz set up their dream dog hotel?

Alissa and Allan Cruz have set up their dream dog hotel at N Highland Avenue, Hollywood, California. The brand is present in other locations such as Scottsdale, Arizona, Austin, Texas, Arcadia, Arizona, and Los Angeles, California.

What’s the secret behind the phenomenal success of D Pet Hotels?

Alissa Cruz states that one of the matters that she discovered from the start is that the venture undertaken by them was much more than looking after the pups; it was aiding their proprietors to have a feeling of optimism, understanding that they were keeping their adorable pets in safe custody, which permitted them to relish their holidays or unwind during their essential leaves.

D Pet Hotels is renowned for its out-of-the-box thinking. The company has introduced a pioneering move in the pet marketplaces on the West Coast. The unparalleled perception of offering the most select services, deluxe facilities, and exclusive merchandise, everything available under a single roof has not only shaped a marvelous modus vivendi for these awesome and illustrious doggies; but also for their proprietors. Having made an impregnable position in the market, D Pet Hotels now offers a significantly gifted choice to basic pet owners.

D Pet Hotels has a well-defined foundation: to provide its illustrious clients a home away from home where they don’t need to be frugal in spending and still ensure their comfort is taken care of.

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