Plants and horticultural therapies have helped many people battle mental illnesses and disorders. Gardening has since long offered many health benefits to address emotional, physical, and cognitive issues. For kids, it has provided many benefits. In the growing years, children undergo a lot of development and growth in their sensory, cognitive, motor, mental, and emotional aspects. You can help your children to start gardening at a very young age so that their motor movement develops well and is fully developed by the time they come out of their young age.

How to make plants appealing to kids

Before you can derive the maximum benefit for your child, it is important to know the type of plants that will work best. So, you must choose the one that will be educational, safe, and fun-filled for the kids.

So, what are the few aspects you must consider when buying plants for children? Remember, not all plants are equal. While some require water, light, nutrients, and other fertilizers in differing proportions and quality, the plants that you select for the kids must be-

  • Safe
  • Sized appropriately for the convenience of your child
  • Your child must be able to grow them easily
  • Non-toxic plants are equally important if you have pets around.

Which plants are helpful for your child to grow?

Check out these plants for your children.

  • Philodendron Heartleaf

It is a great non-toxic plant for your child. The plant is low-maintenance, making it equally easy for adults and kids to grow them.

  • Bromeliad Pineapple

This is an excellent idea wherein you grow tropical fruits inside your house. Allow your children to learn how each growth stage occurs in this plant. It is a great educational plant.

  • Bird of Paradise

You can bring home a large Bird of Paradise. Children will love to water the plant and care for it. It is a stylish plant, and you can encourage your children to watch it grow to as high as 8 feet.

  • Purple Petunia Accent Kit

The Purple Petunia Accent Kit is a unique option for children. But you must guide your child for outdoor gardening with these kits. In comparison to how much you can teach your child about caring for plants only indoors, which is usually limited, with the help of the outdoor plant kits, you have a greater option to help them get into the depth of gardening both indoor and outdoor.

  • Oxalis Purple

This is a dancing plant that responds to bright sunlight, manifested as dancing. It behaves similarly when the light is low at night, and the deep purple leaves close and open right through the day. With the help of this plant, let your kid learn what effect light has on plants.

  • Yellow and Red Dahlias Accent Kit

Teach colors with the colourful red yellow Dahlia kit. These plants also make your place more appealing than ever.

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