6 Common Indoor Plant Care Mistakes You Must Avoid

The presence of greenery within your four walls radiates positivity and makes the air clear of toxins and harmful substances. However, for many, these green jewels do not last for long, and one of the main reasons is ignorance. By ignorance, you bring your plants at home but often fail to have the fundamental knowledge about how you must care for them to improve their longevity. In this article, let us find out a few points that will help us understand how you can keep at bay the most common mistakes we make and make out plants suffer in the process.

Six common mistakes you must avoid while caring for indoor plants

Look at the points below-


  1. Overwatering

Overwatering is one of the main mistakes that indoor plants do not survive. This is because not all plants require the same amount of water. For instance, succulents and cacti thrive well in dry soil, and they do so for months even if you do not water them. So, watering them every week will kill them, but it is best to water them just once a month.

  1. Excessive direct sunlight

Just as mentioned above, not all plants require the same amount of water; plants do not require the same amount of sunlight. Some people think that keeping the plants in direct sunlight for long will help the plants grow well. It is best to make the plants receive indirect or diffused light.

  1. The same amount of maintenance

Few of the hardy plants are happy if you leave them the way they are for a couple of days. It is not easy to kill indoor plants easily.

Many tools can help you to take care of the demanding plants better. Self-watering pots have been around for many years. These pots help you by informing you of the time when your plant needs watering. There are pots that water plants on their own. These tools are available in various forms, colours, and styles.

  1. The “Green Thumb” concept

Some people believe that having a green thumb means you will excel at taking care of the plants. Others not having a green thumb will tend to mistreat the plants. However, this is a wrong concept, and there are many instances when even the best of the gardeners have killed plants. So, it is no rocket science, and experience gathered over the years is the best way to gain knowledge and enhance it about taking the proper steps to care for your plant.

  1. Shifting plants around

Many people move the plants around. But just like human beings, plants like stability and prefer adapting to their immediate environment where they thrive well. But these disturbances can disrupt the normal cycle of the plants and disturb their existence. Avoid moving plants around.

  1. Not paying attention to roots

Roots are the main organs of the plant that help in survival. So, it is important to give them adequate space and room to take in water from the surroundings and conduct it to the rest of the plant.


Avoid the above mistakes so that your plants live longer and get a lot of satisfaction that you have nurtured your plants well.

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