The film featured a snobby cat, a reckless young dog, and a wise old dog. Their human owners will leave the animals with a friend who lives on a ranch on the other side of the mountains while they prepare to travel to San Francisco for business. Will the animals realize that they are not being left behind? Or will they believe they are stranded in a nightmare version of “Home Alone” with four feet? Three domestic dogs are followed as they cross mountains and plains in Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey, Disney’s 1993 adaptation of 1963 smash The Incredible Journey. The family moves from the country to the city so that the father may take a short assignment, but due to a misunderstanding, the animals believe they have been abandoned by their loved ones when they have been placed in the care of a friend.


Don Ameche, Michael J. Fox, and Sally Field provide the voices for the animal actors Ben, the sage, Rattler, and Tiki, the spoilt kitty. Some lines, especially Sassy’s, are fantastic, although the voices can sometimes be slightly slick. Additionally, the adventures are thrilling almost exactly in proportion to how impossible they are. 

We have given up looking for credibility by the time one dog entices a mountain lion onto one end of a log, and the other dog jumps on the other end to launch the dangerous animal into the river. Instead, we are waiting for the animals to begin resolving mathematical problems and playing simple piano pieces. Duwayne Dunham, the director, and Reed Smoot, the cinematographer, must have had a lot of patience to put all of the intricate stunts in this movie together. Animals must have done the same.


The tale opens with the vacationing Seaver family handing off their animals at Kate’s farm-based girlfriend’s house. The American bulldog puppy “Chance,” the smart Himalayan cat “Sassy,” and the aged, intelligent, and devoted golden retriever “Shadow” all enjoy life on Kate’s Farm. Three domesticated animals that have been separated from their human family face the wilds of the Pacific Northwest as they set out on a dangerous search for their owners. The wonderful family movie Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey tenderly upholds the value of love, sacrifice, and family.

Even though “Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey” is intended for children, it has a certain quality and obvious charm. If you find yourself watching it with a youngster, you might find that you enjoy it just as much. Since you know the unwritten rule in this genre that a kitty will turn up, wet and mad, a little further downstream, you won’t be as shocked when the cat, named Sassy, is swept over a waterfall and is mistaken as being drowned.


We wholeheartedly advise every one of all ages to read HOMEWARD BOUND: THE INCREDIBLE JOURNEY. However, a few briefs and semi-violent scenes are crucial to the plot (such as a cat plunging into the ocean and nearly getting swallowed by the undertow).

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