Questions to Ask When Adopting a Dog from Someone

Rescuing or adopting dogs from owners or shelters can be misleading if the rescuer doesn’t ask the right questions first. The goal is to offer a forever home to these beautiful animals. Thus, there are several questions to ask when adopting a dog from someone to provide the best care for them. 

What are the important questions to ask when adopting a dog from someone?

1. Where has the dog come from?

One of the most significant research questions for animal shelters that people should ask is about the dog’s history. It helps to better understand the difficulties one may encounter after adoption. 

2. How many homes have they been in?

Some dogs end up being in several homes frequently for many reasons. However, irrespective of the reasons, re-homed dogs may require more time to adjust to a new place.

3. How is the dog’s health?

It is one of the most important questions when adopting a dog from the owner. It will help the new owner determine the kind of treatment the dog may need.

4. What is the breed of the dog?

There are many purebred dogs for rescue if anyone is seeking a particular breed. Although, it’s easier to anticipate the dog’s personality and meet their demands if one knows their breed beforehand. 

5. What kind of personality do they have?

Dog breeds can be a great indicator of the kind of personality a dog may have. However, it is safe to know their likes, dislikes, and certain quirks from the owner or shelter itself. 

6. Has the dog been potty-trained?

Knowing if they have been trained or the new owners have to teach them from scratch is best.

7. Can the dog socialize?

Lack of socialization skills may cause a dog to be unfriendly toward other animals. Thus, it is important to know if they have socializing skills, especially if one plans to take them on walks regularly.

8. Do they have good manners?

Dogs in shelters and rescues can either be fully trained or not. Thus, it is considered one of the most relevant questions to ask when adopting a dog from someone. It will be helpful to train them effectively and quickly.

9. Will the owner or shelter take the dog back?

Although finding a permanent home for a dog is the main goal, rescues aren’t always successful. Most reputable rescue groups accept the dog back anytime for any cause. 

10. What are the eating habits of the dog?

Some dogs may have different eating habits and require different foods to stay healthy. It is one of the most relevant questions to ask when adopting a dog from Craig


Knowing what questions to ask about dogs will prevent the owner from facing any challenges regarding keeping them forever. In that context, these are some of the most basic questions to ask when adopting a dog from someone. 

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