Everything You Need to Know About Coronavirus Infecting Dogs and Cats


According to researchers in China, dogs are not susceptible to coronavirus infection. However, cats can be infected and spread the virus to other cats. In other findings from the US Centre for Disease and Prevention (CDC), dogs and cats are infected with the Covid-19 virus. This happened when these animals came in close contact with people infected with the coronavirus. 

Can cats and dogs spread the Covid-19 virus?

There is medical evidence so far to indicate that animals can spread the virus that causes Covid-19 to human beings. Even if infected cats and dogs are at risk, they carry a low risk of transmitting to others, and only mild covid dog symptoms were seen.  

On the other hand, the covid-19 virus that spreads from human to human can also spread from human to animals.

How to protect your pet if you have Covid-19?

If you are infected with the virus, it is best to isolate yourself from everyone, including your pets. Ask another infecting person in the house to take care of the pet during this period. 

Stat away from the pet and avoid sharing food or bedding with a pet. 

If you are the only one who can care for the pet, ensure to wear a face mask, wash your hands and then handle the animal with food and supplies. 

Can cats die from covid?

If you have Covid-19 and your cat or dog becomes sick, ensure somebody else takes them to the Vet. They might advise testing when there are symptoms because no one has data to suggest whether they can die from the disease.   

Covid dog symptoms and covid cat symptoms

Some examples of covid dog symptoms

  • Fever, cough, and sneezing
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Eye discharge and running nose 
  • Vomiting and diarrhea

What to do if cats or dogs have Covid-19?

If the pet shows symptoms of infection and remains sick, it is best to ask the Vet, “where can I test my dog for covid-19″? Since coronavirus is a new disease, and while medical protocols have been established for humans for animals, including pets, it is still an evolving situation.

Can pets die from covid? 

Severe illness from Covid-19 is sporadic in pets, and they usually have only mild symptoms. Some infected pets do not get sick, and those who do recover fully. There has been no clinical evidence to suggest that covid-19 dog infection has caused death.  

How to test a dog for covid?

The veterinarian will guide the testing for the virus among pets. The guidelines for testing animals are available on the CDC website. If testing is required, the state anima Health officials will identify persons to collect the sample from the Pet’s home after taking a precautionary measure. The samples are tested in the state animal health laboratory. 


There is plenty of misinformation and uncertainty about dogs and covid infections and covid dog symptoms. The easiest way to combat the Covid-19 disease is to take basic precautions. 

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