Five Trending Pets Care to Watch Out For in 2022

The U.S. trends in the pet industry show revenue have increased yearly, doubling its revenue to more than $100 billion in 2021 from $ 50 billion in 2011. On a macro level, many new pet trends are driving this growth, and there is still more room for growth.

From supplements and toys to pet foods, let us look at trending pet care that is expected to continue in 2022.

While the pandemic is still not over, what will continue in addition to traditional pet care is the smart solution for combating separation anxiety.

With pets providing emotional support to pet parents during the lockdown, it is assumed that pet parents will repay the favor that will accelerate the pet industry.

Trending pets care for 2022 

Pet Nutrition and Supplements to take off

The top pet industry trends in 2022 anticipate the improved quality of pet food, supplements, and nutrition. Pet Owners will give more propriety in ensuring their fur friends get well-balanced, healthy food. Pet supplements expected to see demand will be dog vitamins, probiotics, and catfish oil. Another fast-growing supplement will be CBD. Search for “CBD for Dogs” has gone up on the internet. Trending pets statistics show pet food niches will dominate pet food brands. This is expected as nearly 3/4th of the Pet care industry is dominated by pet food.

Pet parents to go green.

Trending pet products 2022 shows pet owners opting for more eco-friendly and sustainable pet products in 2022 and beyond. This is because pet animals are known to produce carbon paw prints. Pet parents will be more mindful of how they can reduce less cat litter and use more eco-friendly food products and packaging.

Adoption of anti-anxiety smart solutions

The lockdown during the pandemic was not only tough for humans but even for pets. The demand for pet training and anxiety solutions has increased, and owners are looking for new solutions to combat anxiety. Pets such as dogs who suffer from separation anxiety will require something to fight boredom, such as chew toys, according to new dog trends.

Use of Pet Technology

Trending pet products show a plethora of pet-friendly gadgets expected to help owners care for the family animal. According to experts, owners will invest more in tech-based solutions to manage their pets. Some include virtual Vet consultations, smart collars, dog-activated video calls, and safety and health monitoring solutions.

Pet humanization

Bonding between pet owners and pets will grow stronger with owners pampering their fur friends with more luxuries such as meal delivery services, organic beddings, better nutrition, and TV subscription services. Any parents’ top priority is to provide healthy, happy, and fulfilling lives for their children, and the same approach will be evident in the future when pet parents care for pets similarly.


The traditional pet care industry comprises food, toys, beds, hygiene, grooming, and leashes. More innovations are taking place in Product R&D with variations of existing products, as seen in the trending pets statistics.

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