New Garden Plants to Have in 2022: Interesting Annuals and Perennials

There’s probably a blank wall or vertical surface on a home’s exterior that could use some more appeal. A simple way to improve a place is to fill or cover bare walls with plants. Furthermore, new garden plants can offer a touch of nature to artificial spaces and make the gardens look more beautiful.

So here are some of the new garden plants to have in 2022 

Spanish lavender Primavera


It is one of the new perennials that can be 16-18 inches tall and have widths of 14-16 inches. Most of its hardy locations have spring and summer flowers of this lavender, which can even blossom in the dead of winter in the Deep South. The small flower spikes have a dark purple tint and big reddish-purple flags on top.



More than 30 different kinds of new annuals and perennials belong to the genus Leucanthemum family. These new garden plants are famous for their daisy flowers, often sparkling white with yellow centers. There is a Leucanthemum for any garden scenario, with blooms from spring through fall. 



Cosmos are a must-have for many summer gardens since they grow to different heights and come in varied hues. These new plants for 2022 also have a frilly texture that makes these flowers even more unique. The occurrence of single or double blooms on stems that are 1-4 feet long makes cultivating it even more enjoyable.

Bigleaf Hydrangea


Bigleaf hydrangea is both a landscape and florist plant that originates in Georgia. People often purchase these new plants from the florists as a gift due to their flexibility. Moreover, the buyers can also change the colors of these fresh flowers to blue or pink by adjusting the soil’s pH.

Easy Wave Sky Blue Spreading Petunia


This series of new plants for 2022 is a unique collection of easy-wave Petunia. They deliver a neat plant structure while also living up to the promise of simple, spreading color. Easy Wave Sky Blue’s hues will become lighter as the flowers ripen. Their spreading and mounding nature also helps to create impressive planters and baskets for a garden. 

Suncredible Saturn Sunflower


These new perennials sunflowers have an ever-blooming habit and are ideal for the back of the bed or along fences. It has a well-branched bush-like habit. One can groom the 4″-wide blooms for tidiness and make excellent cut flowers. Moreover, due to its semi-determinate habit, this plant blooms for several weeks longer than comparable sunflowers. They are ideal for pollinators and will continue to produce flowers far into the fall for a beautiful seasonal splash of color.

Zinnia Profusion Red Yellow Bicolor


This lovely zinnia starts the season with a striking, brilliant red center ring surrounded by golden-yellow outer petals. As the season progresses, the fading flowers change into delicate, lovely colors of apricot, dusty rose, and salmon. The flowers will add a kaleidoscope of color to the garden, and that too from a single variety. 


Deciding on new garden plants can be daunting as there are too many options. However, one should conduct thorough research before buying a plant and ensure they can take care of it afterward. 

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