6 Adverse Signs Your Dog Exercise Is Not Enough

Just like us, dogs need adequate exercise and life outdoors. However, regardless of the dog breed you have, proper dog exercise is a must. Lack of exercise may have many adverse effects the dog must suffer from if you do not care for it enough.

Let us find out the few signs why your dog is showing rebellious behaviour. However, those who are not rebellious stay and succumb to the many diseases that they fall prey to due to lack of exercise.

6 ailments that affect your dog in the absence of an active life

Remember, depending on dog breeds; their needs are different. It all depends on the dog’s age, breed, size, and health condition, as stated by Dr. Deborah Linder, who is the head of Tufts Obesity Clinic for Animals, Medford, Massachusetts. So, dog exercise is essential.
Common signs and tips to get your dog active

These are the probable symptoms you will come across in the same event.

• Weight Gain (Obesity)

When you see that your dog is gaining weight, this is the first evidence that you must take it out for more activity. No matter what the weather is outside, any hint that you are taking it out can excite it to no end. Check its weight from time to time so that you can keep a tab on the same. Moreover, lack of pet exercise coupled with overfeeding can be fatal.

Destructive or negative behaviour

Some of the activities you must be on the lookout for include chewing shoes, pooping in the house, getting inside the trash bin, breaking plates and glasses, or mood swings that might include aggressive behaviour and erratic manners. You might also find that it tends to poop inside the house.

Withdrawing itself from social life

We know that if we are confined within the four walls for days together, it does take a toll on our mood, and there are times when human beings suffer from anxiety and stress. Similarly, stress and anxiety can cause dogs to stop socialization.


Just as your dog might withdraw itself from socializing, it might become hyperactive as well. This is evident because they tend to get out of control when you take them for walks, becoming hyperactive.
The classical sign that your dog exercise is not adequate when it becomes restless when it sees you preparing for the outdoors.

Arthritis and joint pain

Lack of exercise can lead to arthritis, muscle stiffness, and joint pain. A sedentary lifestyle causes muscles to become stiff and makes your nerves function adversely, causing ailment of the nerve, bones, and muscles.

Improper digestion

Inadequate activity will lead to trouble in digestion and eventually lead to loss of appetite. Just as you are feeding your dog, the muscles of the stomach must function adequately for the physiological processes in the body to work well. Lack of dog walking can lead to several stomach diseases.

The 6 signs mentioned above are just a few of the adversities of not taking your dogs for walks. If your dog shows one or few of these signs, this means it is time for more dog exercise. It is best to treat your dog or pet just as you do for your child. Remember, just as our children cannot express their needs, it is our responsibility to understand their needs being parents; similarly, your dog or your pet is your child as well, and the responsibility of understanding the needs lies on you.

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