Is My Cat a Ragdoll or Himalayan?

Ragdoll cats and Himalayan cats have many similarities and also significant differences. However, both these gorgeous cats have fascinating personalities and are popular breeds. At times they look similar; therefore, people tend to get confused.

So, what are the similarities and differences between Ragdoll and Himalayan cats? 

One of the significant differences is that ragdoll cats have no undercoat, so they require less grooming than Himalayan cats. Ragdolls are Laos relatively larger than Himalayan cats and are more playful and energetic. On the other hand, Himalayan cats are not as relaxed or floppy as Ragdoll cats, but on the whole, they are a docile breed and pleasant to handle. If you plan to get a white ragdoll cat as a pet for the family, it is essential to know if they are suitable for the family. 

Here we take a detailed look at the two breeds.

Difference in Appearance 

Ragdoll and Himalayan cats are similar in appearance in terms of colors. Both are found in various colors such as blue, chocolate, cream, red, seal, and lilac; only their patterns are different. 

Ragdolls can be bicolor, mitted, and color point. A bicolor cat has white patterns running through the belly, from the chin to the legs. A mitted cat has a white stripe that starts from the back and goes along the stomach up to the chin. A colorpoint variety has a dark face, dark tail, and dark legs and paws.  

Himalayan cats have lynx, tabby, and tortoise patterning. Tortoise patterning has patched multi-colored coats, which can be small or large. A Tabby has markings such as an “M” mark on the face. It has stripes around the eyes, cheeks, legs, tails, and back. The lynx is a mix of colorpoint and tabby.

The Ragdoll and white Himalayan cat are almost similar, with some different markings. It is unknown if Ragdolls have the same linage as Himalayan cats, but their ancestors were indeed large cats with long hair. Ragdolls are also more giant than Himalayans as they are big and weighty cats, whereas the Himalayans have heavy bones. The good thing about these cats is that despite their big size, they are gentle. 

What do the coats of a Himalayan and Ragdoll look like? 

Ragdoll and Himalayan cats have long, fluffy and thick coats, which makes them look similar; the fact that Ragdoll cats do not have an undercoat makes one ask, “Are ragdoll cats hypoallergenic”?This means they require less grooming, which is just about the fur area. The Ragdoll cats need to be groomed twice a week, and if you cannot ensure it, don’t get one as a pet. 

Are ragdoll cats hypoallergenic?

Ragdoll cats shed less than other long hair breeds, and their coat also mats less. They are not hyper-allergenic and create less mess because of their fur. 

On the other hand, a Himalayan cat needs grooming every day as their coat tends to tangle easily and mat because of the thick and fluffy undercoat. The Himalayan cat requires regular brushing of their coat, and they also shed more than ragdolls, so more cleaning is required around them. 

Who is more active – Ragdoll or Himalayan Cat?

Himalayan cats are more active as they are Siamese bred, but in general, both are relaxed and docile. However, every cat is different, and their behavior depends on their personality and surroundings. 

As their name suggests, Ragdoll cats are floppy and relaxed, and their breeding ensures they are not active creatures. They prefer to laze around their owners and relax for hours. They also bond well with many people, and that personality trait makes them great domestic pets. Ragdoll cats are as playful as kittens and enjoy the attention, but as adults, they are hardly active. 

Himalayan Cats also prefer to relax and sleep beside their owner, but they are active also. Though they do not have the persistent energy levels of a Siamese cat, they still have a burst of energy, and during that time, they only want to play. Himalayan cats need regular exercise to avoid weight, and pet owners must be prepared to play with them regularly. They are a perfect blend of being relaxed and active. 

Personality traits of Ragdoll and a Himalayan cat

It is difficult to decide which one is more loving as both the cats love to be with people. Both the cats are affectionate and handle children well. Pet owners must commit a lot of time to be with these cats because both adore people. 

ragdoll cat personality is loving by nature. They are calm and gentle cats and like everyone. They are even comfortable with strangers, including guests and other pets. If they find other pets to be more high-energy, they find it a challenge to cope with them, and instead of playing with them all the time, they prefer to cuddle and sleep. 

Himalayan cats are also affectionate and like to cuddle. They bond well with families and prefer their company. However, because of their Siamese genes, they are prone to mood swings and may sulk if attention Is not given to them. However, this does not mean they love less. They are like the Ragdoll, a “people cat,” and do not thrive when left alone. 

Who is more intelligent – Ragdoll or Himalayan cat?

Both cat ragdoll and Himalayan cats are intelligent and can learn a few tricks such as fetching with relative ease. However, it is difficult to determine which one is more intelligent.

It is easy to teach Himalayan cats as they are more active, whereas, with ragdoll cats, it can be tricky as they prefer to relax rather than spend energy learning tricks! One has to pick up moments when they are in a playful mood. 

Final thoughts 

Ragdoll and Himalayan cats are similar in many ways and make excellent pets. It can be confusing as the cats look similar in appearance and behavior. However, Ragdoll cats are more calm and Himalayan cats more active. Whatever their traits, both are lovable cats. 

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