10 Android Apps for Plant Care

Plants are an excellent complement to anyone’s house and life. However, determining how much water, sunlight, and nourishment each plant requires can be challenging. Identifying your new plant can also be difficult, especially if it came without a tag!

If you’ve ever tried to create a lovely indoor plant area in your house, you know how difficult it can be to maintain the plants, let alone get them to thrive.
You’ve failed a few times, even if you have a green thumb and are a seasoned plant parent. Plant identification could be challenging if you’re always looking for new plants to add to your collection. Plant care apps are the ideal solution to all of these issues. Plant experts and newbies have their favorites regarding keeping track of plant progress, watering reminders, and just making sure you keep your plants alive, so keep reading to find out which app will fit you the best!

Do you wish to improve your plant parenting skills? These apps will aid in the growth of your plants.
You may use your smartphone to plan, troubleshoot difficulties, identify species, and learn about care suggestions! As a result, we’ve compiled a list of useful apps that will assist you in identifying your indoor plants and ensure that they continually prosper.





PictureThis software is well-known for its innovative usage of artificial intelligence.

The premise behind this software is that it can recognize plants from a large plant collection of 27 million species, so if you come across some plants that you enjoy the look of but don’t know what they’re called, PictureThis is more than likely to know.

This software includes a feature for keeping your houseplants alive and identifying plants. If you observe some brown tips on your plant, simply raise your phone camera, and you’ll know exactly what your plant need. Simply take a photo of your plant and upload it to Picasa. This will inform you whether it needs more direct sunshine, what type of soil it prefers, and when it should be fertilized.

All of these features are free, but if you’re a plant parent prepared to spend $30 on the app’s premium version, PictureThis has even more fascinating features for you.

PRICE- Free and subscription available





Plant identification is made easier with this Blossom app. It has a database of over 10,000 plants that you may identify by taking images of them. Leafy plants, flowers, succulents, and trees are among them.

As a result, there’s no need to sift through a list of plants looking for one that looks like yours when you can simply snap a photo of your own and upload it to the database. The app will then attempt to identify your plant, which generally succeeds. Monsteras, Snake Plants, Bonsais, and Hyacinths are all recognized by this software, and it does it quickly.

However, keep in mind that, despite its size, the database has significant limits. Because some rare or less commercially accessible plants have yet to be added to the database, you may be unable to use this app for identification on occasion.

Only three plants can be snapped daily without upgrading the app’s premium edition. Ordinary plant owners can usually get by with the free version. Blossom’s other fantastic features, such as watering reminders and valuable plant facts, make up for any inadequacies.

PRICE –Free and subscription available





If you know most plant facts yet forget to water your plants, this waterbot app is for you. Many plants prefer different levels of moisture and watering schedules, as you can imagine, and remembering all these details is not easy.

Even if the majority of the plants in your collection have comparable water needs, having a virtual helper will almost certainly be beneficial.

It also operates straightforwardly. After adding your plants, you must create separate watering programs for each. Even though it may appear, creating a watering plan is not a difficult chore; it just takes a few minutes to figure everything out.

When it’s time to water the plants, the app will send you a reminder, and once you’ve done so, you can mark the task as completed. There’s a slight risk that you’ll forget to water your plants.






PlantHub is an excellent tool for scheduling plant watering. If you have many plants, you know how tough it is to remember when each one needs to be watered. PlantHub simplifies the process by letting you establish your list of plants, each with its watering schedule and amount.

Remember that in order to use this software, you must first know what plants you have and when they need to be watered. However, it is a helpful addition to your phone because it allows you to design a simple watering schedule easily.

Another fantastic feature is the lovely plant collection, which you may use as your phone wallpaper for free. The free wallpaper gallery brings you beautiful images of plants that you can use as your phone background. In addition to all the other great features offered by PlantHub, you can download a stunning wallpaper with flowers, trees, and waterfalls.

PRICE – Free





In GARDENIA, you will find clear and straightforward instructions that won’t overwhelm you. This software will provide basic plant care instructions and dependable care reminders without unnecessary distractions, such as comprehensive plant descriptions. To begin, you’ll need to know the names of the plants you need this for and then search Gardenia’s database for those specific plants.

Gardenia is one of a kind in that it doesn’t just feature watering and fertilization push notifications. You may customize things a little more on Gardenia by setting up repotting, harvesting, pruning, and pesticide delivery times. This plant notebook software is fantastic in general, but the fact that it’s entirely free is the best feature.

There are no in-app purchases, just basic, clear, and sensible care reminders. The Gardenia app is the easiest and fastest way to get expert advice about taking care of plants, so download it if that’s all you want to get out of an app.

PRICE – Free





When it comes to your plant’s health, Planta is the most comprehensive on this list. Before adding it to your gallery, Planta will double-check that it has all the required information about your green pal, including its location, pot, and last watering. Planta also pays attention to you as a plant owner, gathering data on your level of knowledge and commitment.

Planta allows you to add plants based on their location, such as the kitchen, living room, or porch, once you’ve answered all the pertinent questions. Planta organizes your plants by location, making it easier to keep track of which ones require attention each.

Planta will then provide instructions on when to water your plant and allow you to add photos of it.

Some features, such as fertilization guidance, are only available in the app’s premium version. The free version of the app, on the other hand, is perfect for most plant owners to begin with.

PRICE –Free and subscription available





Simply take a photo of your plant and upload it to Picasa. This will inform you whether it needs more direct sunshine, what type of soil it prefers, and when it should be fertilized.

Although all of these features are free, PictureThis Premium offers even more features if you’re willing to spend $30.

Another feature that several gardeners found useful in this program is that it provides specific sunset and dawn times, which is useful if you have plants that need to be moved from one location to another.

The Sun’s movements are recorded and depicted in 3D, allowing you to observe even the tiniest variations throughout the day.

If you’re at work or home and aren’t paying attention to the Sun, you can set notifications to alert you whenever it changes so you can react correctly.

The only requirement for the app to function is that you have a stable internet connection, as Sun Seeker runs on the internet.

PRICE- Free and subscription available





Planetary provides a fully displayed plant watering schedule, similar to any calendar app but with a green twist. You may find your plant and add it to your calendar using the app’s list of plants and a search tool for particular queries.

Planetary, unlike other apps discussed here, also includes a fertilizer feature. You can specify whether or not your plant needs to be fertilized, whether or not the fertilization should be repeated, and what time of day you’d want a reminder.

A paid edition of the program is available, which includes features like trimming, topdressing, and harvesting. However, because those are usually for more experienced plant parents, the program’s free version is acceptable for most novice or intermediate plant parents.

PRICE –Free and subscription available


9. VERA 



Vera from Bloomscape has a simple, easy-to-use interface to track all your houseplants. Using Vera is comparable to possessing a plant journal in which you can jot down your thoughts and snap photos of your plants.

You can accomplish all of this and customize watering, fertilizing, and other schedules when you go to your plant pages. Bloomscape’s in-house experts provide easy-to-follow directions on keeping your green friends healthy on each page.

PRICE – Free





The final app on this list is ideal for stylishly arranging your watering schedule. Water is not only beautiful to look at, but it also makes adding plants to your watering list a breeze. Each plant has an avatar you can choose from.

Though it lacks some of the more advanced capabilities found in other apps, such as fertilization reminders or locational organization, it’s ideal for individuals who only need a simple calendar and reminder functions. Plant identification is also available in the app, but you’ll need to install Google Lens to use it.

PRICE – Free and subscription available



Plant care can sometimes be difficult, especially for those just getting started. Some useful apps that ensure your plants are getting the care and attention they require will go a long way, whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate, or a plant specialist. Finally, we adore tech life hacks that help us live more sustainably. The greatest of these applications teach you about your plants by breaking down suggestions and information into manageable chunks. After all, reading extensive blog pages about plant species isn’t everyone’s cup of tea; therefore, Blossom & Planta’s structure will make it simple to absorb useful information. Another important factor to consider when choosing plant care software is light measurement.

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