Pepette, the French food company, gears up to start its production

Pepette was established in 2019. The company has gathered as much as approximately €6 million or equivalent to USD$6.1 million, in which a group of investors has pooled their money for building a new factory of dimension 1000 square meters.

According to pet food news, the company plans to manufacture fresh personalized pet food in a plant of its own in France. More about the company and the Purina pet food industry news is below. 

Pepette – Customized pet food

Once the project starts rolling, Pepette will be able to produce its pet food and improve its productivity and sales in due course. It also has plans to expand across the globe. 

The chief executive officer and founder, Marine Thersiquel, said that the main objective of setting up the firm and expanding the same is to offer pet owners new alternative sources of pet food. 

The owner and founder of the company also plan to offer a variety of recipes and products that will be essentially subscription-based. She also said that in September this year, they have plans to produce snack forms of food for the pets. Not just that, expert consultations will also be on offer for pets and dogs. In this way, the pet owners can offer the best food to their pets that will align with the nutritional needs of the cats and the dogs.

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