9 Gardening Trends for 2022

After a couple of drab years, people put on gardening gloves to experiment with color. More people are getting into gardening and discovering the joys of connecting with nature. According to the latest reports, gardening trends, and gardener enquires, the approach to gardening continues to be planet friendly with more emphasis on growing bright-colored fruits.

Let us look at the gardening trends in 2022

The shift of plants, cut flowers, fruits, and vegetables to homegrown

The rise in gardening costs has ensured a preference for homegrown plants. The focus on reducing carbon footprint is seeing a new garden trend store. People are switching from buying flowers from shops and turning to their backyard. New landscaping trends in 2022 will see vegetable patches not harvesting vegetables alone as flowers to share the space. And the fruit trends are the red produce, with gardeners experimenting with pomegranate, serviceberries, and apples.

Home & Garden trend – Experiments with color

The pinks are not going away. As public confidence is back after the pandemic, the fiery reds and autumnal hues are coming to the forefront. The color trend is visible in the new release of everlasting flowers such as “Granvia Gold” and brighter shades among low-maintenance plants. 2022 garden trend is the year for brightly colored plants.

Green shades 

Low maintenance of lush and leafy plants is the big hit of 2022. The calming green is a hit among gardeners as it creates a soothing oasis. Green also symbolizes stability, renewal, and rebirth.

Home and garden trends -small gardening space 

There is a continuous innovative trend to utilize balconies and containers for gardening in 2022. Smaller gardening space serves multiple functions with people using tight home space for dining, relaxing, cooking, and playing. Additionally, unused space is being used for growing plants and flowers.

The new 2022 landscaping trends 

The lawn is no more the focal gardening point. Garden rooms have taken over post the pandemic, and this trend is expected to continue. People now double up their home for living, working, playing, and gardening as blinds and sliding doors divides the indoors and outdoors.

Eco–friendly gardening 

Eco-friendly gardening trends were big in 2021 and are expected to continue in 2022 and beyond. Gardeners and nurseries have found new ways to minimize the use of plastic and reduce waste.

Garden trends -House plants will continue to stay 

Space constraints will see multiple plants group and growing in the same pot instead of growing them in individual pots. The outcome is exciting contrast of leaf colors, shapes, and textures, which can be creative and fun.

Gadgets that consume less time

With people returning to work in 2022, there will be less time for gardening. Products such as pre-planted baskets, growing kits, pots for self-watering, troughs, and battery-operated pruners will play an important role in the future of gardening.

Gardening for personal wellbeing 

Gardening is an excellent form of exercise and is good for mental health. Many people are looking for an atmosphere to get a certain mood, and gardens offer the space to rest and recuperate.


Besides growing delicious and healthy homegrown food, gardening is great for focusing away from technology-focused life. 2022 gardening trends will see people not abandoning gardening but using more creative and tech-savvy ways to balance it with work.

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