Pet Food Industry – WSAVA-approved dog food, Size, and Growth

In 2021, the global pet food industry was found to have a value of USD110.53 billion. It was anticipated that the market would grow from USD$115.50 in 2022 to USD$163.70 billion by 2029. 

A CAGR of 5.11% was seen during the period of forecast. Interestingly, compared to the pre-pandemic levels, the demand for pet food has increased several times. Right at the beginning of the pandemic, studies have shown that there has been a rise in 2020 pet food demand by 4.75% in comparison to 2019. 

However, dog food price increase in 2022 is evident due to disruptions in supply-chain which can be attributed to the pandemic that has upset the logistics market across the globe. 

Pet food industries – How to choose a pet food brand? 

Even the most popular pets in the world will need the right type of nutrition. But not brands are safe to buy or rely upon. Here, let us find out what WSAVA Global Nutrition Committee has laid guidelines for selecting the right type of food. 

Look out for these things for a brand.

Find out if the pet food brands avail services of a nutritionist. He must be a specialist in Vet science. As far as a qualification of the nutritionist is concerned, it must be a Ph.D. in Animal Nutrition, and an accredited body must recognize the qualification. 

Aside from the above, find out who develops the recipe. Is the food formulator experienced? Recipe development is not easy; the individual must have a thorough knowledge of raw materials, ingredients, and nutrition. 

Another aspect you must check out is whether the quality control process is reliable. Essentially, the nutrient profiles must meet that of the AAFCO or Association of American Feed Control Officials or FEDIAF or European Pet Food Industry Federation. 

What to look for related to a label

Check out the Nutrition Adequacy Statement. Know if it is a complete diet, and find if the food matches the nutritional needs of the cat or your pet dog. The label must also show the calories per gram in the food serving. If you come across any food label that says “intermittent,” “short-term,” or “complementary,” make sure you do not give this food continuously over a long period. Try to give only a small portion of this food. 

What is the most preferred food for Midwestern pet food dogs across the globe? The most preferred form of pet food is the dry type. Dry pet food products are convenient to offer and store and have a longer shelf life than wet food. 

It has also been observed that the market for personalized pet food is also on the rise these days. 

As far as the market leaders in the Pet food industry are concerned, North America holds the majority stake in the global market, and it is further expected to continue to lead the market during the forecast period. One of the main reasons this market has flourished is the higher number of adoptions of pets in this region, as per feeders pet supply. Brazil ranks second in leading the Pet food industry. 

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