The DC League of Super-Pets Receives Backlash from Viewers for Its Paw-Full Comedy

Rating – 3/5

It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that viewers are dissatisfied now that the DC League of Super Pets has premiered. Most critics decried The Secret Life of Pets and DC League of Super Pet, modeled after Toy Story, as poor knockoffs. The League of Super Pets was advertised as a comedy about pets getting superpowers, but it has since been debunked as being nothing more than a collection of absurd characters and worn-out jokes.


Some of the top performers voiced the characters in the League of Super Pets:

  • Krypto is the name of the dog that Superman adopts. Krypto, who resides on Krypton, benefits from his master’s superpowers. The character has Dwayne Johnson’s voice as it.
  • Lex Luthor, voiced by Marc Maron, attracts a meteor from space that contains orange Kryptonite in an attempt to get Superman-like powers. Instead, it was discovered that the material had no impact on people but endowed animals with extraordinary talents.
  • John Krasinski provided the voice-over for Superman.
  • Keanu Reeves, Jemaine Cement, and Wonder Woman provide the voices for popular characters, including Batman and Aquaman.
  • In addition, Kevin Hart provides the voice for Batman’s upcoming pet, while Kate McKinnon provides the voice for the guinea pig Lulu.
  • Natasha Lyonne voiced an irritable turtle who was constantly bleeped out for lines.


Superman and his dogs are both neutralized by green Kryptonite. Other Justice League characters, including Batman, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman, are now held captive. Similar to the orange Kryptonite, many other sheltered animals possess amazing abilities. The pets are split into two groups, one of which is commanded by a hairless pig who preaches global dominance and the other with a personality almost exactly like Batman.


Most reviews indicate that the film contains several horrible jokes. Due to phrases such as “I can’t put my paw on that” and animals bleeped out for swearing, parents of children may find this film difficult to choose. A violent super cat who could shoot lasers from her whiskers and utter phrases like “what’s up, dog” is another option.

In addition, many people consider some of the jokes to be offensive and out-of-date. Numerous critics also bemoan that the film substitutes tedious jokes about excretory functions for comedy, rendering the entire segment a colossal failure. Jared Stern also wrote the screenplay with John Whittington and is the film’s director.


It was planned to have a lot of heartbreaking scenes and to be very action-packed. Instead, it was merely another hectic, dull movie with mindless animal rivalry. The super powers were fascinating—for instance, a pig that could instantaneously change its size and a squirrel who could fire lightning—but they were never deployed for anything other than meaningless chaos and cringe-inducing giggles. The DC League of Super Pet has been characterized by many as a huge fiasco that should have been managed better.

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