Pet-friendly Offices in India – An Overview

Many studies have indicated, and one from the American Pet Products Association as well, that if you have a pet with you in the office, it not just makes you stress-free but enhances the productivity of the employees.

As such, pet-friendly offices in India are mushrooming and promoting spaces that are pet friendly. Here, at these workspaces, you will see dogs roaming freely around the office premises. Not only that, many offices celebrate what is known as pet day every month. In this, an employee with a pet brings it to the office that day. More about the same in the paragraphs that follow.

Pet-friendly offices in India – How to pet a dog while at the office?

Check out the pet-friendly offices.


This is an online brokerage company that is into the adoption and maintenance of strays, and they are regarded as office mascots. The company’s founder, Nitin Kamath, once found a stray dog inside the lift and has kept it in his office. There are four other dogs, and the employees feed them occasionally.


InMobi is a very successful startup. The company permits its employees to bring pets to the office. The office is flexible because it allows employees to bring pets and kids. The chief cuddling officer at Inmobi is the Persian cat. Employees bring their pets to the office on weekends.

OnePlus India

Dogs are allowed to move freely across the OnePlus India office. For this company, having a pet around the workspace forms a part of the work culture. In the company’s China office, they have a dog named Una, the mascot of the company in China. It is an in-house dog. The team there passed on the idea to the India office, and this office now has Laila, who is the chief happiness officer.


At the company’s corporate office, both cats and dogs are allowed. The company co-founders are pet owners and consider dogs as stress busters.

Aside from the above offices named, many others have adopted the work culture of having pets. So, if you now wonder how to pet a dog? 

Taking it along wherever you go is one of the best ways to keep your pet close to your heart, and you can also feel relaxed by the thought that your pet will not go hungry. This is because you are around to give it food and care for it anywhere, even if it means it is on the office premises. Work in one such company and enjoy the luxury of carrying your pet along.

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