Types of Parrots for Pets – Explore Your Options

When we think of keeping birds as pets, parrots are one of the names that come first to our minds. Although, the mindset that we have about parrots is that they can talk like human beings and copy what you say. However, just be informed that just a handful out of the 350 species can learn to speak in the first place. In this article, let us determine the types of parrots to keep as pets.


Types of parrots for pets – List of names

The types of parrots that you can keep as pets differ vastly. The term parrot is broad, given the number of parrot species and parrot breeds they are divided into. If you come across small parrots or even larger ones, you will not be able to know whether they belong to the parrot family or not; such is the difference. So, what are the best parrots for pets? 

There is a handful of them, and these colorful parrot-winged companions can be your pet for life. Although there are many pet parrots on the list, we must narrow down a few names below.


African Grey Parrots


These are a few of the most intelligent and iconic parrots that you will come across. They can learn many different words. And they use these very words to interact with the humans. These parrots prefer not to be left alone and need to entertain their owners and, in turn, be entertained. One of the unique aspects of the African Greys is that they can survive for up to 60 years even if they are in captivity. You know that you have a life companion if you can get one of them.




Although these types of parrots are very demanding, they get obsessed with their owners. Since they love to stick around with the owner, they are also known as “Velcro” because they will always be by your side if you have one. Their size varies from medium to large size. They have protruding crest feathers that make them different from the other parrot species. Since they always seek attention, a failure to get the same from your side might cause them to throw tantrums. For the same reason, they are often compared to a small two-year-old child.



Macaw is a large bird colored in gold, blue, and red. They usually live for as long as 30 years to 50 years, and their size ranges between 20 to 50 inches. But if you plan to keep a Macaw as one of your pet parrots, it is a great commitment in terms of time and space. However, they are very noisy, and their screech can wake up people in the household and your neighborhood. As such, it is best to keep it as a pet if you do not have many people around who might get upset and disturbed by the screech.




Parrotlet can be a pet parrot if you wonder what kind of parrot I have to keep at home. They fall in the category of small parrots. They do not require a lot of space. But they require a lot of attention. They are friendly; however, they will start showing their true colors if you leave them alone for long. Make sure you bond with your parrotlet right from the beginning, the moment it comes to your house. Interestingly, if you keep two parrotlets, both will bond extremely well. So, you can be spared from giving a lot of attention and spending time with it.




The smallest in the Cockatoo family is the Cocktiel. Being extremely popular in the United States, they are very easy to care for, and they bond extremely well with the owner. This is perhaps the best choice when it comes to selecting from among the different types of parrots for pets. They can live for as long as 25 years if you take proper care of them. There is an identifiable crest on top of the head, and the crest changes depending on the emotions the Cockatiels undergo.


Senegal Parrot


If you want a calmer and quieter parrot breed compared to the other parrot breeds, this is perhaps one of the best ones. They measure nine inches in length on average, and you do not have to be worried about assigning a lot of space for them. If you live in an apartment, this is perhaps your best bet because it will remain calm and not demand a large space, a prerequisite in smaller spaces like an apartment.




Parakeets are also known as Budgerigars outside the United States. It is a very popular choice, especially for the owners planning to keep a parrot pet for the first time. They measure, on average, seven inches in length. Being small, they do not require much space. Since they are intensely colorful, they are quite a spectacle.

These parrots are very curious and tend to explore new areas within the house. These are very social parrots and try to interact with owners and others every time. However, the fact that they prefer to stay in flocks. If you have decided to keep one, it is best to keep them in pairs. They also prefer to stay in larger groups.


Eclectus parrots


These are usually medium in size, and they can survive up to 30 years. They make for excellent pets and hence excellent companions. One of the most interesting features of this parrot breed is the color. They differ in males and females. While the males are usually neon green with hues of red and blue and a beak that looks like candy corn, the females are bright red color, with hues of blue. The females have a black beak.

The names of the different types of parrots mentioned are just a few of them. Depending on space availability and the amount of time you can devote to your pet parrot, you can select one from the above.

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