Why Twice a Day Dog Walk is Important?

You will find hundreds of reasons why you must make your dog walk. You must be responsible not just with your loved ones at home, but your pet is your loved one as well, and do not shrug off your duties towards them. We know that dogs love to be active, and you must keep them active. Let us find out a few interesting facts about dog walking benefits, and you will be even more convinced by going through the statistics below.

Top 6 reasons for a dog walk

These reasons must be convincing enough to believe how important pet exercise is regularly.

Higher-energy dog breeds

The higher energy dog breeds the following benefit if they go for walks frequently.

i. Terriers
ii. Australian Shepherds
iii. Border Collies
iv. Herding breeds
v. Golden Retrievers
vi. Labrador

Less active dog breeds

The following dog breeds are comfortable with dog walking twice or thrice a day and do not require rigorous activities. These are-

i. Bulldogs
ii. Great Danes
iii. Mastiffs
iv. Greyhounds

However, not all dogs have the same stamina, and you must talk to the veterinarian so that he can help you with a well-planned walking schedule for your pet dog.

Health benefits

A dog that is active is also a healthier one. We know that obesity is not just a springboard to diseases in the case of human beings, but the same applies to pets too. Some of the health issues that obesity and an inactive life may lead to include the following.

  • Issues with the joint and arthritis
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes

It is important to take your dog for a walk at least twice or still better, thrice a day.

Stress relief and anxiety

Not all breed of dogs requires the same amount of time outdoors. Ideally, spending time outdoors for 30 minutes to 2 hours is the best. You can divide the time twice or thrice a day as you want to.
Just like human beings, dogs are susceptible to stress and anxiety too. If you find that your pet is chewing on your shoes, the couch, or barking when you are about to go out of the house, it signals it needs more activity. Adequate activity keeps them relaxed and anxiety-free, and a dog walk acts as a mood-elevating agent for them.

Dogs love activity

Regardless of the weather conditions, whenever your dog senses that you are about to take it outdoor, it gets exciting. They love activity, and keeping them indoors will only make them crankier.


Developing interpersonal relationships are important, even for pets. When you take your dog out for a walk, they see their peers with whom they can jump, play, run around, chase, and have fun. In this way, they too develop a social life of their own, which is much needed for developing a healthy relationship with you and their community. So, dog walking also allows for socialization.

Proper digestion and appetite

Taking your dog for regular walking ensures that it has a healthy digestive system and that your pet is regular with poop habits. And if digestion is proper, your pet’s appetite will be good.

Weight control

This point is just an extension of the above point. Having adequate appetite, regular exercise, and a great mood ensures that your pet will have a healthy weight, and any extra flab that it gains will be shed right away, thereby encouraging weight control.

According to Michael W Fox, veterinarian, writing for Washington Post, if you are thinking of an ideal walking schedule, this is it-

  • Before breakfast, a short morning walk must suffice
  • Poop break around mid-day
  • Preferably a run after dinner or fast walking
  • Another poop break before retiring to bed

Fast facts and statistics

These facts will help you to sit up and think better about how you can keep your pet in the best of health-

  • Approximately 30% to 70% of dog owners go for dog walking.
  • On average, 40% of dog owners do not regularly take their dogs for walks.
  • In 2021, the dog walking industry reached $972.2 million
  • Between 2016 and 2021, the services associated with dog walking have grown by leaps and bounds and grown by 1.7% per year during the above period.
  • As per forecasts, the global pet care market will be worth $358.62 billion by 2027.
  • Studies have shown that tired dogs behave better than dogs that have become bored.
  • Dog ancestors, it is said, sometimes traveled more than 100 miles daily only in search of food
  • Obesity in dogs, more precisely pets, has led to medical issues like insulin resistance, cardiovascular ailments, liver disease, and osteoarthritis.
  • Dog owners can fulfill 34% of the exercise they require daily.
  • Daily, dogs need at least 30 minutes of rigorous exercise.

Like human beings, the rate of metabolism is not the same for every dog. Do not exert a lot of pressure on your pet, lest it hurts its well-being and will do more harm than good. Work out a health plan with a dog walk expert.

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