How to Remove Paint from Dog Hair

If you have a pet dog, the chances are that there will be several instances when you will have to sit up and think about how to wriggle out of it, especially as you must keep in mind the well-being of your pet as well. So, one such instance is when your furry friend comes home with a dash of pain on his body. However, there are a few ways by which you can remove paint from dog hair or fur. Go through the article to know the same.

4 ways to remove paint from your dog hair 

Follow these tips for the best results.

Assess the extent of the paint on the dog hair. You might come across people offering suggestions about pouring turpentine oil or solvents that will dissolve the paint stain and stuff like that, but this oil might lead to infection of the skin. So, do not rush, exercise patience, and assess the extent of paint before taking any step. If the paint has spilled over the fur, you have a separate solution, and if it is on the body, there is something else that you can do.

Paint on fur

If the paint is on fur, try to determine whether it is touching the skin or just on the fur. If only the fur is involved, it becomes easier. All you must do is cut off the fur with scissors. But you must keep in mind that when you use a scissor, do so with one that has a rounded tip. Carefully pull the fur into straight strands and cut off the fur that has the paint on it. The scissors must not touch the skin by mistake.

Paint on the body

If you can cut off the dog hair and get rid of paint, it is well and good. To remove paint from the body:

1. Start with a gentle body wash.
2. Use warm water and soap. This will dissolve the latex or acrylic.
3. Use a shower puff or a wet rag. You can rub the rag over the painted area.
It will get removed if the paint has just been dropped on the dog’s body. Remember, it may not go away with just one stroke or doing the process just once. You might have to repeat the process at least twice or thrice.

• Apply a softening product

In case the above process does not work, try out this process. Apply petroleum jelly to the affected area and leave it on for some time. By doing so, the paint that has become hardened will soften after a while. Apply the petroleum jelly generously, and leave it on for a few hours. You can also use any other oil like mineral oil or cooking oil. Follow it up with sprinkling starch powder to absorb excess oil or paint. Once the paint comes off, brush the products with a gentle comb and give your dog a warm water bath. Every time you use any product, make sure that you do not use them near the eyes, mouth, or nostrils.

After all these efforts, if the paint still does not come off, seek professional help, and take your dog to a vet who can suggest safe products to remove paint from dog hair.

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